Usage of the diesel engine on your class 801 trains.

London North Eastern Railway Limited did not have the information requested.

Henry Blackburn

Dear London North Eastern Railway Limited,

I understand that your class 801 trains have a very small diesel engine which is designed for emergency use only to ensure that if an 801 train was to breakdown or if the overhead power lines was to fail than the 801 would be able to still make it to the nearest station so passengers could alight rather than having to wait for an 800 or any other diesel train to come and rescue it.

So i am requesting some information on how often this has been used since the 801 trains were introduced.

I would like to request a full list of all occasions since the 801 trains were introduced that an 801 has utilised its diesel engine. Please include the date and the unit number(s) involved and a very brief description of what happened (for example an overhead power line failure etc) and the locations and stations that the emergency diesel engine on the 801 was used between.

Yours faithfully,

Henry Blackburn

Abigail Coates, London North Eastern Railway Limited

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Thank you for contacting the LNER FOI Mailbox.

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000 provides public access to
recorded information held by the organisation.

If you have submitted a valid FoI request, we will aim to provide the
information requested within 20 working days as specified under the FOI

General LNER enquiries should be directed to: [email address]
<mailto:[email address]>

If you are requesting historic diagrams or Azuma Announcement files,
please vist the following link where they are hosted

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East Coast House, 25 Skeldergate, York, YO1 6DH
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FOI, London North Eastern Railway Limited

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Dear Mr Blackburn

Please see attached for our response to your request for information

Kind regards


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