Dear Lothian NHS Board,
Prostate Cancer UK undertook a Freedom of Information Act (FOI) request of all Trusts, Health Boards and Health and Social Care Trusts in 2016, and again in 2018, with the aim of achieving a state of the nation overview of the use of mpMRI before biopsy.

We gained an in-depth understanding of the current status of mpMRI before prostate biopsy across the UK. We have used the data to make the case to National Commissioners for implementation support. It has also guided our funding and development of resources that respond to some of the challenges and barriers to implementation that centres told us they faced.

This third and final round of questions is our means of understanding what progress has been made and to identify where we can target our resources and National Commissioners’ support to have maximum impact.

We really appreciate your help with this. Please pass the below on to your urology department for them to complete. If this is not possible we would really appreciate your help to provide as much information as you can.

Yours faithfully,

Lizzie Ellis

1. Do you routinely conduct prostate MRI (bpMRI/mpMRI) scans before first prostate biopsy as part of the initial diagnostic process? (please tick all that apply):

a. Yes, using T2-weighted, diffusion-weighted (multi-b ADC and high/long b) and dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE) sequences
b. Yes, using T2-weighted, diffusion-weighted (multi-b ADC and high/long b) sequences but not DCE
c. No but we refer to another provider (please provide details)
d. No (please provide details)

2. If yes, to 1a: What percentage of men with suspected prostate cancer receive mpMRI before biopsy as part of the initial diagnostic process?

3. If yes, to 1b: What percentage of men with suspected prostate cancer receive bpMRI before biopsy as part of the initial diagnostic process?

4. What are your eligibility criteria/exclusion criteria for prostate MRI? (please tick all that apply):
a. Age (please provide details)
b. Symptoms (please provide details)
c. Life expectancy (please provide details)
d. Contra-indications (please provide details)
e. Other (please provide details)

5. Are you using results from the prostate MRI before biopsy to rule some men out of biopsy as part of the initial diagnostic process? (yes/no)

6. Do you biopsy all PI-RADS or LIKERT 3 scores?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Dependent on patient histology

7. What threshold do you mostly use for ruling men out of biopsy?
a. PI-RADs 3 and above
b. LIKERT 3 and above
c. PI-RADs 4 and above
d. LIKERT 4 and above
e. Varies depending on age (Please provide detail)
f. Varies depending on other factors (Please provide detail)

8. What percentage of men do you estimate are ruled out of biopsy?

9. Have there been any changes to your prostate MRI capacity in the last year? (please choose all that apply):
a. An additional or new MRI scanner
b. Increased MRI scanner slots for prostate
c. Agreement to use Dynamic Contrast Enhancement
d. No longer using Dynamic Contrast Enhancement
e. A scanner/magnet upgrade
f. other (free text)

10. Has the number of radiologists at your trust/health board who report prostate MRI scans changed in the last year?
a. Increased
b. Decreased
c. Stayed the same

11. How many radiologists at your trust/health board report at least 250 prostate MRI scans per year?

12. Which of the following processes do you follow to manage men ruled out of an immediate biopsy, but with a raised PSA?
a. NICE Guidelines: prostate cancer diagnosis and management (NG131)
b. A local protocol (please provide details)
c. Other (please provide details)

Pillath, Bryony, Lothian NHS Board

Dear Ms Ellis

Thank you for your email. Your request will now be dealt with under the terms of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, which requires that we respond to you within 20 working days from your request.

We will therefore be required to send you a formal response to your request by 30 September 2019.

NHS Lothian’s policy on Freedom of Information requires all requests to be collated and responded to from the offices of Lothian NHS Board at Waverley Gate, 2-4 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EG.

In the meantime if you have any queries about the way in which your request will be handled please contact me at the address below.

Bryony Pillath
Freedom of Information Officer and Committee Administrator
NHS Lothian Secretariat
Waverley Gate
2-4 Waterloo Place
Edinburgh, EH1 3EG
0131 465 5676 (35676)

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Mutch, Richard, Lothian NHS Board

1 Attachment

Enclosed is NHS Lothian’s response to your FOI Request.


If you require a signed copy or anything else please let me know.




0131 465 5687



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