URGENT LCO needed for FAIR HEARING due to fraud committed

Julie Shrive (Account suspended) made this Freedom of Information request to Ministry of Justice

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The request was refused by Ministry of Justice.

Julie Shrive (Account suspended)

Dear Sir or Madam,

Something is severely wrong at Legal Complaints[ And Office for Judicial Complaints] I hope you are not same over 100 requests??!! As they are complying with fraud then blaming me when protest so would like LCO in London as soon as possible to sort out as they have said are and have - going to deliberately maladministrate.
Dear Sir or Madam,

Is Ben Harrison Manager - not there - when first phoned then extremely unhelpful - deliberately complying with a solicitor who defrauded me taking money for litigation . He then went back to those who caused the problem Appeals Service that always said never to do. This has been due to experience and problems with Royal Courts of Justice [admin Court ] on MA with evidence on MA lost this time deliberately destroyed .
As so complex & Officer dealing with was deliberately not understanding saying going to maladministrate so I asked for LCO . The person who replied referredto them as Local Consideration[ Concilliation? ] Officer ??!!! On site whatdothey know . I since received a letters saying going to be put forward for LCO . Now today saturday received a letter from him saying to write in this means going to ignore??!!!
Please address urgently as need an oral hearing with LCO in London not on remit or contract ? How many times have they been used since Jan as suspect this is not true?

Yours faithfully,

Julie Shrive

Mr fred robinson (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Dear Julie Shrive

I know from experience that its hard to understand the way civil servants treat the public, but try to remember they have mortgages and kids and the future to think of and, when faced with the choice of whether to prevaricate, or help the public, that choice is clouded by a vow they take not to harm each other, and try to remember, as they must, it's a vow which, if breached - has dire consequences on that future. Thats the nature of the system they work under to get their salaries and pensions and the security they often deny others.

Of course some of them must be decent and hate it, as some must relish it, but remember, they like us, are human and suffer the same fears.

The real difference for them of course, is that they have protection to rely on if they tow the line, no matter how absurd, hurtful, cruel, stupid or unlawful, or even distasteful and degrading to them that line may be, for once the first prefabrication exists, it must be upheld no matter what the cost to their honesty and decency is.

fred robinson

Julie Shrive (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Is that an excuse to reject democracy and abuse their powerful position . Its like the Traffic wardens, bailiffs and clampers. All it needs is a Hitler and these people will do as told . Many of the English are not doing this I wonder why ? Why are they not voting? Why should they employ people from fascist regimes such as white South africa, Protestant Northern Ireland [ or bottom of the pile] who accept what is to impose it on us and we accept it ??!!I was born after last war and brought up to reason - never again.
The problem has come with Thatchers Cuts no Middle management who had the discretion and sole corporate directors [ acxcountants protecting their own interest?]

Julie Shrive (Account suspended)

Dear Sir or Madam,
The Legal Ombudsman is deliberately delaying to cause further miscarriage of justice , complying with Legal Complaints abusing me by winding up 30 calls [ Legal complaints] then blaming saying still addressing, when maladministrated complying with fraud [ Serious fraud squad same] .

Legal Complaints greed to a LCO then said witholding. Yet now telling Ombudsman saying providing - yet won't give details??!!

And illegal actions of DWP using those on contracts and remits to half reverse decision after using Tribunals with same persons most of the time .

They have signied names of these judges below , ignoring Affadavit directing evidence to be destroyed at Admin Court Royal Courts of Justice after word given x2 would return via legal expert witness .

They returned an Appeal before last when asked for litigation over last - where evidence was ignored that caused cardiac arrest in Oct 2006. Negligence??! What is going on??!!

Julie Shrive

11 July 2009

Dear DWP Adelphi Freedom-of-Information-Request,

Illegal operation with no discretion or fair hearing over Tribunal
decision through using unmonitored and regulated unethically
unqualified staff . Embezzlement? Certainly professional and
medical negligence

I believe DWP is using legal persons on contract to commit fraud by
making legal decisions without a hearing to attend sending unsigned

Judicial Complaints & Ministry of Justice too

Therefore I am complaining that Judge Gamble has given his office
and name to be used by unqualfied or biased admin at DWP & admin
decisions with bias[ fraud?} in their favour, because structured
like a marketing call centres ,on contracts , remits and

Also Neil Garnham QC Deputy High Ct Judge and anyone legal employed
on contract at Appeals Tribunals not monitoring how their
administration is working or being contactable - as bought in -
like the Specialists in hospitals. This is madness! None of
documents before Royal Courts of Justice he Judge Gamble has ever
signed with QC Neil Garnham also not noticing [ or did someone else
use his name .. This has caused severe financial and health[
cardiac arrest] loss and injustice again . . It can't even justify
actions by using automatic units? So request a Lco not on a remit
or contract for oral action as dyspraxic.

So request oral hearing plan recorded correctly until resolved, with my expert witness as no legal person wants to know unless to take money fraudulently ie" for litifgation when went back to perpetrators Admin Court RCJ run by HMCS without discretion illegally .

Yours sincerely,

Julie Shrive

Yours faithfully,

Julie Shrive

Mr fred robinson (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

Dear Julie Shrive

Of course its no excuse for people in power to misuse that power and there are remedies by way of misconduct in public office against them if it is shown that the person concerned was a public officer who knew he was abusing his powers in the decision he, or she made. The common law basis of this is the judgement in the "Three Rivers" case. More details of this case are available in the Internet.

You have to use the law to defeat the law.

With regard to the Legal Services Ombudsman, my dealings with her was that she upheld the Law Societies inane contention that the conjunction 'and' had the same meaning as 'or'. she was unable to justify this and refused further comment to my logical objections.

Mr fred robinson

Julie Shrive (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

NB How a Solicitor - my expert witness [ legal] who had her own company - worked for P/T, took £2000 for litigation asked for more saying paying her when wasn't to file .This was when when I had always said never do and go back to admin[ NB basis for MA] who made illegal decision when not qualified to do so [ DWP?] Allowing destruction of evidence when they deliberately maldministrated and said would return .Statistics show this re: judicial reviews Royal Courts of Justice Then Legal Complaints and Ombudsman collude not referring me to a LCO,deliberately delaying when time scales, blaming me as abusive when upset as they can't deal with discretion and have been deliberately recording untruths [ they all do this it is common practice] since 1997 NB this site .

Legal Services Reform Programme, Ministry of Justice

Our ref: TO248338

Dear Ms Shrive

Thank you for your email of 4 July regarding your complaints about a
solicitor. Your email has been forwarded to the Legal Services Regulation
and Redress Division for reply, as we are responsible for the policy in
this area.

I am afraid I was a slightly unclear about your precise concerns, but I
hope the following information adequately addresses the points you raise.
I understand from your letter that you have a number of complaints about
your solicitor, including allegations of fraud and destruction of
evidence. I should explain from the outset that the legal profession is
independent from the Government and self-regulating. As such, neither
Ministers nor their officials are able to comment on or intervene in
individual cases. However, I hope it will be useful if I provide some
background information on this matter.

It is unclear from your email if you have referred your complaints to the
Legal Complaints Services (LCS). The LCS is the body responsible for
handling all complaints of inadequate professional service and reports of
professional misconduct by solicitors. If you have not raised your
concerns with the LCS, you may wish to do so as the appropriate body for
pursuing a complaint against a solicitor. The LCS is able to investigate
whether the service provided by a solicitor is what a client could
reasonable expect to receive and has a policy of treating failure to
provide adequate information on fees and costs as inadequate professional
service. The LCS's powers include reducing, refunding or waiving the
solicitors' costs. The LCS can also award compensation of up to £15,000
if a finding of inadequate professional service is made.

If the LCS considers that there may be a conduct issue to be investigated,
they will refer the matter to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).
The SRA is the independent body responsible, amongst other things, for
taking action against solicitors who do not comply with the professional
rules of conduct. Solicitors must conduct themselves and their practice in
accordance with the Solicitors' Code of Conduct 2007. In relation to
litigation, solicitors are under an obligation not to deceive or knowingly
or recklessly mislead the court. You can access the Code of Conduct online
at: [1]www.sra.org.uk. If the SRA investigate and conclude that a breach
of conduct has occurred, the SRA is empowered with a range of regulatory
outcomes, which relate to the gravity of the breach and likelihood of
reoccurrence. The SRA's powers include reprimanding the solicitor, placing
restrictions on their practising certificate and, in the most serious
cases, referring the solicitor to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
(SDT). The SDT has the power to strike solicitor's names off the roll. The
SDT is wholly independent from the Law Society and its principal function
is to hear and determine applications in respect of allegations against
solicitors of inappropriate conduct, or breaches of the rules relating to
professional practice, conduct and discipline. The SRA refers the majority
of applications to the SDT.

The LCS runs a Helpline (0845 608 6565) which offers practical, but not
legal, advice. Further details about making a complaint to the LCS can
also be found online at [2]www.legalcomplaints.org.uk. Alternatively, the
LCS can be contacted at:

Legal Complaints Service

Victoria Court Service 8 Dormer Place

Leamington Spa

Warwickshire CV32 5AE

You also allege that your solicitor has behaved fraudulently. As you will
appreciate, fraud is a criminal offence and therefore a matter for the
police to deal with. If the police consider after investigation that there
is a case to answer, they will place the matter before the Crown
Prosecution Service for action. Unfortunately, I am unable to comment as
to the level of evidence the police will require before they will take
action. I can only suggest that you contact your local police station in
the first instance.

If you wish to bring a claim against your solicitor in the courts, I am
afraid I am unable to offer legal advice, and as such, you should seek
independent legal advice to assist with your concerns. Both your local Law
Centre and Citizens' Advice Bureau (CAB) provide free advice. If you wish
to find out your nearest Law Centre and CAB is, you can contact the Law
Centres Federation on 020 7387 8570, or accessing its website
[3]www.lawcentres.org.uk; or check your local telephone directory or by
accessing the Citizens Advice website [4]www.citizensadvice.org.uk. You
may also find it helpful to access the Community Legal Advice website for
information on providers of legal advice on
[5]www.communitylegaladvice.org.uk or phoning the Community Legal Advice
Helpline on 0845 345 4345. Further information on obtaining free legal
help can also be found on the dedicated pro bono website:

I am sorry I cannot be of further assistance, but I hope the information
provided is of use to you.

Kind regards,

Sally Longworth | Legal Services Regulation and Redress Division |

Ministry of Justice |
+ 4.37, 102 Petty France | SW1H 9AJ |
( 020 3334 4555 |
* [email address]

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