Dear University College Birmingham,

What IT Research providers are you using for your IT Services department, Academic Staff and Students? (research access through electronic for computing students/information technology)

Do you have a subscription with Gartner?

How much do you pay annually for this subscription?

When does this subscription end?

Who makes the decision to acquire, is it Library or IT Services?

Who can I contact to speak about providing technology based research?

Yours faithfully,
Ash Haque

Dear University College Birmingham,

please can you get back on this?

Yours faithfully,

Ashraaf Haque

Sent request to University College Birmingham again, using a new contact address.

Joseph Young, University College Birmingham

Dear Ashraaf,

Apologies for the delay in responding to your query, we have had a change in the FOI contact at University College Birmingham and this has led to some delays in queries sent via In response to your specific questions:

1. We do not have a subscription with Gartner.

2. Our Directorate of Teaching and Learning would make any such decision.

3. You can contact them on [email address]



Joseph Young
Acting University Secretary
University College Birmingham

Tel: +44 121 232 4162
Fax: + 44 121 200 1376
Email: [University College Birmingham request email]

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