Unsatisfactory seals on food products leaving products open to contamination

Currently waiting for a response from Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy,
This request was sent to the Food Standards Agency who have passed the buck to you, Answers please

(Dear Food Standards Agency,)

On purchasing fruit juice products from Supermarkets I found that the usual seals on the cartons are now missing.

I queried this with the retailers and was told that the law was changed and they no longer needed to have them.

In view of the daily threats the public are subjected to through terrorism and other anti social issues I was appalled that such a negative step has been taken towards keeping us safe from having our food tampered with.

I have seen people opening cartons in supermarkets and drinking from the contents before replacing on the shelves with unknowing shoppers not being able to easily tell if a carton had been opened.?

1. Can you confirm that there has been a change in Law removing the necessity for adequate/visual seals on these products.

2. If there has been a change in law/statute can you explain why and how this has happened?

3. How do we the public protect ourselves from someone tampering with these drinks before we purchase them, and who is responsible in Government hierarchy that we can complain to to get this anomaly corrected?

Yours faithfully,

Tony Lower

Yours faithfully,

tony lowery

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