Unlawful Funding of Treasonous Cabinet Office - Potentially

International Policing Assistance Board did not have the information requested.

Dear International Policing Assistance Board,
14.12.20 The Final Affidavit - Statement of Truth goes out to England Wales Police Chief Constables today. This process can be read, monitored on the website:

A number of the Chief Constables are listed on the Directors, Members and Officers listings on Companies House for ACPO and CPOSA Ltd

The Corona Virus ACT 2020 is written in DOG LATIN, NOT-ENGLISH and is an unlawful ACT for many reasons that can be confirmed in a number of areas but from a medical perspective we recommend reading the materials provided by the WDA on site and published open letters and their referenced documents here https://worlddoctorsalliance.com/ also https://worldfreedomalliance.org/

Please provide the following.

1. A full audit trail on behalf of the people (We The People) of the United Kingdom enabling transparency of cash flow into and where payments are made to linked parties apart from Chief Constables listed as members and Company Officers. This includes Income Expenditure, Assets, Liabilities.

2. When the CoronaVirus ACT 2020 is finally proven to be a Counterfeit document by Court du Jure, all funds plus damages as determined by the Common Law Jury will be made available to those who have been harmed or detained unlawfully by those Police Officers/ Constables whose numbers have been identified by video and recorded by the UK public.

3. We The People believe the ACPO and CPOSA Ltd fines that are imposed are proceeds of Crime and Criminal activity based on a fraudulent piece of legislation that hasn't passed Royal Assent. See We The People.

For your reference we'd recommend reading the F.O.I's requests submitted to 212 Institutions across 40 countries by Christine Massey and watching Plandemic by Dr Judy Mikovitz https://plandemicvideo.com/ also draw your attention to this article by Dr Andre Alexander, Queen's Counsel (hon.) Nominee: https://principia-scientific.com/covid19... Thanks.

Yours faithfully,

Leonard of the Harpin family

NPCC FOI Request Mailbox,

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Good Afternoon,

In May of 2021 and again in September 2022, the NPCC issued We-The-People a response citing Section 14 - Vexatious Requests.

The Freedom of Information Act was designed to give individuals a greater right of access to official information with the intention of making public bodies more transparent and accountable. Whilst most people exercise this right responsibly a few may misuse or abuse the Act by submitting requests which are intended to be annoying or disruptive or which have a disproportionate impact on a public authority.

The Information Commissioner recognises that dealing with unreasonable requests can place a strain on resources and get in the way of delivering mainstream services or answering legitimate requests. Furthermore, these requests can also damage the reputation of the legislation itself. Section 14(1) is designed to protect public authorities by allowing them to refuse any requests which have the potential to cause a disproportionate or unjustified level of disruption, irritation or distress.

I have reattached this response for your information and will reiterate that the NPCC will not communicate with We-The-People in regards to email threads relating to crimes against humanity, the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccination/5G signal complaints.

Kind regards


Fiona Greenlees
[email address]

National Police Chiefs' Council
E | [email address]
W | www.npcc.police.uk

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