Unlawful evictions, attempted murder, fake enforcement officers, collusion within the courts,police,council - bankruptcy

Currently waiting for a response from Cabinet Office, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Cabinet Office,

Please provide under the FOIA the safeguards you have in place in whatever format to protect the rights of families to be protected in their property/family homes and not terrorised by the state.

Explain how it is possible for a Stay of Execution not be put in place that was paid for in advance and the application sent to Liverpool insolvency section by a barrister that enabled unlicensed thugs posing as enforcement officers to break into the family home of former Councillor / whistleblower Sheena Williams ( including disabled children) in Maidstone Kent on the morning of 23 January 2019 witnessed by neighbours & others that could have resulted in their death/murder Police CAD 23-0188 through the excessive force using Jack/battering-ram ( The Lock Father) along with 5 unidentified enforcement officers (2 females 3 males) all refused to provide ID and worked apparently work for Equita, one male stated Equita is owned by Capita.

James Alexander King does not work for Equita and is not a High Court enforcement officer .

Kent Police apparently were satisfied with their checks although they clearly failed to check the registers or make them produce their names or ID or produce a Writ of Possession and the police also failed to produce a warrant or give a copy of either and refused to speak to the barrister who witnessed this unlawful eviction by phone.

So in effect a family could be murdered without lawful authority within their own family home aided and abetted by Kent Police on behalf of a bankruptcy trustee Michael Abram Goldstein who just also happens to use the same outsourced solicitors firm (J E Baring & Co ) as Maidstone Borough Council.

How is anyone to have any faith in a government or any public services when the real criminals are being paid and not being arrested and imprisoned for their crimes?

Please provide the following under FOIA for Chief Registrar Nicholas Briggs his direct contact details for complaints and to enable complex cases involving corruption, collusion with the courts and council to be addressed by litigant in person who have been badly let down by the system that is supposed to protect their family and natural unalienable rights.

Such as why natural persons can not obtain any justice within the courts and when they do pay to obtain alledged legal help to ensure a fair hearing and correct procedure is followed they are still stitched-up, either through collusion within the court service or sheer incompetence.

How does one get a case put before the Chief Registrar to expose what is going on including the use of thugs posing as enforcement officers, all facilitated by police who do not know the law.

As Head of a public service I am sure that he will be horrified at what is happening, no law, rules, or regulations are being followed and that brute force has replaced the principles of natural justice.

No one deserves to be unlawfully evicted without a writ of possession or any ID or names being given by alledged enforcement officers and whilst the police turn a blind eye who are supposed to prevent a breach of the peace not join in.

Since when have Battering-Rams been allowed for wholly domestic family homes.

How many people have been or could be murdered or dragged from their homes without any paperwork being produced including children, which amounts to torture by the state.

Yours faithfully,

Deb Williams

FOI Team Mailbox, Cabinet Office



Thank you for your request for information. Your request was received
on 5/2/2019 and we are considering if it is appropriate to deal with under
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Yours sincerely,

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