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Emily Winter made this Freedom of Information request to Lancaster University

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The request was successful.

Dear Lancaster University,

I am writing to request information on the investments our university holds in the arms trade (specifically BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, GKN, Smiths Group, Cobham, VT Group, General Dynamics, General Electric, Halliburton, L3 Communications, Northrup Grumman and Raytheon). Please send me a portfolio statement for the fund(s) our university has investments in. If you do not have a copy of this, please send me a list of the names of the fund(s) and the corresponding management companies. If the university’s investments are held in a pooled fund or a variety of these funds please could you provide me with recent, dated, lists of the underlying shares that the fund(s) invests in.Please also confirm if any shares are held in the above companies as part of a pension fund or endowment, either directly or indirectly through an externally managed fund.

I would wholeheartedly encourage the university to adopt an ethical investment policy that excludes the arms trade, and would appreciate it if you could tell me if this is something that the university is planning to do.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
E. Winter

Dear Lancaster University,

Your response to my enquiry about the University's investments has still not been answered. Please could you get back to me as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,


Freedom of Information2,

Dear Ms Winter

Thanks for your email. We have no record of receiving your original request so I assume it must have been wrongly spam filtered. Please accept my apologies. We have now picked up your request from whatdotheyknow and will respond as soon as possible.

Best wishes

Claire Stevenson
Head of Compliance Team

Lancaster University


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Lancaster University

Thank you for submitting a request for information from Lancaster
University under the Freedom of Information Act. Your request ID is: 1494.
Please quote this in all enquiries.
We will endeavour to respond to your request as soon as possible, and this
will be within a maximum of twenty working days from the working day
following receipt. If we do not hold the information you have requested,
we will confirm this to you.
If you have supplied an email address, contact will usually be via email,
otherwise, this will be by letter.
Should we require further clarification in order to respond to your
request, or if the request is chargeable, we will contact you. We
appreciate your patience while we deal with your request. If you have an
enquiry regarding your request, email: [email address]
The personal information you have supplied will be stored by Lancaster
University under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and used to
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Lancaster University ensures that only staff that have a business reason
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never sell personal information or data or share personal information or
data with third parties unrelated to the services we provide unless we are
required to do so by law or unless you have told us you consent to our
doing this.
Yours sincerely
Claire Stevenson
Records Manager

Freedom of Information2,

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Lancaster University

Lancaster LA1 4YW

United Kingdom

Telephone (01524) 65201


Dear Ms Winter


I write further to your Freedom of Information request i.d. 1494 regarding
University investments. Please find attached a spreadsheet containing the
requested details.


Once again, we apologise for  the delay in responding  to your request;
the original request had not been logged by our internal FOI system .




Claire Stevenson


Compliance Team



Your request i.d. is: 1494. Please quote this in all enquiries.

The University aims to comply fully with its obligations under the Freedom
of Information Act 2000 and to ensure that the service it provides for
those wishing to gain access to information is helpful and effective. 

The personal information you have supplied will be used only to process
your request; some details will be retained for our records after the
request has been answered. This information will not be passed on to other
parties unrelated to the University unless we are required to do so by
law, or where it would be necessary to answer the request in full (in
which case we would seek your consent for any transfer).

Process for Making a Complaint

If you feel the service you have received does not meet our aims or your
expectations, please write to:

Fiona Aiken
University Secretary
University House
Lancaster University

If, following our internal review, you are dissatisfied with the response
provided, you may write to the Information Commissioner’s Office, for
details visit [1]

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