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To whom it may concern,

This is a request for information through the Freedom of Information Act.

1. What was the total market value of the university’s investment portfolio(s) on the 31st July 2021? If you are going to provide this information through your Annual Accounts/Financial Statements, please provide the specific page number, section and row that the value can be found on. For example, page 28, section 5 “Investments”, line “overall investment value”.

2. On the 31st July 2021, were the institution's investment portfolio(s) managed directly by the institution, indirectly by [an] external fund manager(s), or a combination of both?

3. If the university uses external fund manager(s) to manage investment portfolios, please provide the name of each fund manager used, along with the percentage of the total investment funds that they were managing on the 31st July 2021.

Please present this information in this format:
Fund manager name -- Percentage of total investment funds managed
Schroders -- 47%
CCLA -- 49%
University -- 4%

4. If the institution invests directly, please provide the details of companies invested in (by way of all investment portfolios), including the full names of each company invested in, and the market value invested in each company on the 31st July 2021. Please provide this information in a spreadsheet format.

5. If the university holds investments through [an] external fund manager(s), please provide the investment portfolio for that manager on the 31st July 2021, including the market value for each company that forms part of your investment portfolio(s) with them. Please provide this information at a company level in a spreadsheet and/or the format that this information is provided to you by your fund manager(s). For example, see here:

6. Does the institution have an ethical investment policy, or similar? If so, please state if it is publicly-available, and provide a web link.
If applicable, in response to any of the above information requested, please confirm that the University does not hold this information.

Please confirm receipt of this request and we look forward to hearing back from you within the next 20 working days.

Yours sincerely,

Laura Clayson

TL Freedom of Information, Trinity Laban

Many thanks for your below request under the Freedom of Information Act
(2000). Your request will be forwarded to the relevant department, and we
will endeavour to provide you with a response within 20 working days. 


Please note that due to the Coronavirus and its impact on working
practices it may not be possible to respond within the statutory time
frame. If we are unable to do so we will send you an email to keep you
informed of the delay and provide you with a response as soon as we are


Thank you for contacting Trinity Laban. 


Best wishes,

Georgina Lomax

Date and Operations Manager





King Charles Court 

Old Royal Naval College 


London SE10 9JF 



Email:  G.Lomax[1]


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TL Freedom of Information, Trinity Laban

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Dear Laura,


Many thanks for your below request under the Freedom of Information Act
(2000). Please find below our responses to your questions (in red below
and attached), which are to the best of our knowledge.


Thank you for contacting Trinity Laban.


Best wishes,




Georgina Lomax

Data and Operations Manager








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