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Leia Reid made this Freedom of Information request to Jesus College, Cambridge as part of a batch sent to 30 authorities

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Jesus College, Cambridge,

I would like to request the following information under the Freedom of Information act.

How many parking spaces do you have available to students in your college?

What are the distances (in miles) from the halls of residence to the main university campus? Please also list the distance between your nearest halls of residence to each campus.

Are the parking spaces at the college secured at night and at weekends? If so, how?

If students require parking permits to park at their halls of residence or on campus, how much do these cost?

If you do have permits or parking charges both at campus and halls of residence, how many parking fines have been issued to students over the past 5 years?

Please let me know if you have any further questions or require further clarification.
Thank you,
Leia Reid

Freedom of Information, Jesus College, Cambridge

Dear Leia,

All our students are accommodated on or adjacent to the College site, which is in central Cambridge. Similarly car parking spaces are on site and subject to the same security oversight as the rest of the area.

The College is a constituent College of the University of Cambridge. Owing to traffic problems in Cambridge, the University and Colleges are under an obligation to the city authorities to restrict the use of motor vehicles by students. Consequently it is a University offence for a student to keep, hire or drive a car in Cambridge during term without permission from the University Proctors.

Therefore very limited car parking in College is available for students. There is no allocated number. Students are asked to apply only if they have exceptional circumstances that make the use of a car in Cambridge essential. These might include clinical medicine and veterinary students, PGCE students, students with disabilities or health needs and those who need a car to undertake research in the field. The charge for parking is set at £190 per term but this is waived for students with disability and halved when the need to have a car is as a result of a course requirement.

There are no parking fines as such, but any student consistently parking without a permit would be referred to the Dean of College for disciplinary action.

Further details about making a request to the College, including your rights if you are not satisfied with our response may be found at

Information and advice about the Freedom of Information Act and making requests is available from the Information Commissioner’s Office

Best wishes

Susan Webb
Information Compliance Officer
IT Department
Jesus College Cambridge
01223 339831
e-mail: [email address]

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