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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

In the situation where a jobseeker does not allow the DWP access to their Universal Jobmatch account points 87 & 88 of the Universal Jobmatch Toolkit (as of 05.03.2013) would suggest that providing printouts of a jobseeker's UJM account is mandatory, should an adviser request this, as proof of a jobseeker's jobsearch activity.

However, point 82 clearly states that the choice of how (i.e. the method by which) a jobseeker presents evidence of his jobsearch activity is his alone to make and specifically that UJM will not change this.

Please explain this apparent contradiction and make an unequivocal statement of the DWP's stance on whether printouts of the UJM account, as evidence of jobsearch activity, are mandatory or not.

Please also supply a copy of the most recent UJM Toolkit if the one of 05.03.2013 has been superseded.

Yours faithfully,

Jason Davies

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Mary Sanderson left an annotation ()

88. If it is not possible for the claimant to do any of the above, or the claimant does not wish to accept cookies and so needs to use a DWP IAD, you must tell them they have to? login to their account from an available IAD in your office and provide evidence of the job search activity they have carried out or recorded in their account, e.g. By printing off copies of these Screens/pages.

Reviewing jobsearch activity

The legal position established by caselaw since the 1950s is that there is no need for claimants to have to corroborate their oral evidence (e.g. job seeking) unless it is either inherently improbable or self-contradictory. Oral evidence is perfectly acceptable in the courts, so should be in a Jobcentre.

From DWP Decision Makers guide


21592 Evidence of job search includes
1. Evidence in writing from employers, employment agencies or other bodies
That the claimant has contacted or
2. Copies of letters that the claimant has sent to employers or
3. The claimant's uncorroborated written evidence (claimants are advised to
Keep a record of their job search and other efforts to find work) or
4. The claimant's own verbal evidence, recorded by an officer of the Jobcentre Plus office.

Vol 4 Amendment 30 February 2010

21593 Corroboration of claimants evidence is not essential (see DMG Chapter 03). DMs Should note that

1. Claimants will not always be able to obtain corroborative evidence if they state
That they have
1.1 “asked around” or
1.2 applied for jobs that are normally advertised and filled by word of mouth


2. Employers do not always reply to written enquiries.

21594 If the DM has reason to doubt whether claimants contacted certain employers or Agencies those employers or agencies may be asked whether they

1. Keep a record of enquiries by job seekers and
2. Are able to confirm that a particular person approached them for employment.

But such enquiries should only be necessary if the evidence before the DM is Inconsistent or seems unlikely.

21595 Proof
21596 Before determining whether the claimant was ASE in any week the DM
1. Must decide what the claimant did in that week to seek work and
2. May also have to decide what they did to seek work in previous weeks (see
DMG 21644 - 21646).

The onus is on the claimant to show what steps have been taken

My comment

As stated in the DMG, your job search does not have to corroborated unless the evidence provided is inconsistent or unlikely.

Job points

Claimants have never been required to keep copies of the Jobpoint print outs.


If consent is required to look at a Jobseekers UJM account, it must follow consent is also required for you to show Jobcentre staff the data contained within your account.

Other sites

If you are able to prove that you can find more suitable jobs on other job sites, it would be unreasonable for you to use UJM. The majority of the vacancies on UJM come from other sites anyway.

Mary Sanderson left an annotation ()

The important para is no 84, which ties in with the Guidance provided above:


Actively Seeking Employment
82. We cannot specify to a JSA claimant how they provide us with records of their jobsearch activity and Universal Jobmatch will not change this.

83. Personal advisers and assistant advisers will continue to review jobsearch activity and record the outcome on LMS in the usual way for JSA claimants and look at all the evidence provided by claimants to determine if there is an ASE doubt. This may be in various forms and these are explained in the Labour Market Conditions Guide.

84. However, Universal Jobmatch will be a key tool you can use in appropriate cases to review whether a claimant has taken all reasonable steps to have the best prospects of finding work.

85. How you review jobsearch activity will depend on whether the claimant is using Universal Jobmatch and if so, has given DWP access to their

Jason Davies left an annotation ()

Mary, thanks for that information. In light of it, it'll be interesting to see what slant the DWP put on it to justify their claim to be able to mandate people to supply printouts.

Mary Sanderson left an annotation ()

Hi Jason

They cannot mandate you to produce print outs unless there is a reasonable doubt you are not doing what you say you are.

Unfortunately, most Jobseekers are not fully aware of their rights and some Advisers can take advantage of this situation. From what I have seen on this site, some managers are asking claimants to do things that are not within policy or the legislation either!

Phillip Evans left an annotation ()

I signed on today for the first time this year, I was told by my advisor that I had to provide my jobsearch activity history in one of three ways, 1. Allow DWP access to my UJ account. 2. Print out my Jobsearch history. 3. Log into my UJ account on an IAD when I go to sign on, under the supervision of my advisor so he can look at my Jobsearch history. All these options require me to log into my UJ account from my home computer thereby accepting cookies! I'm very eager to read DWP's reply to your question, I was very happy writing out my Jobsearching activity!

Operations FOI Requests, Department for Work and Pensions

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Mr Davies
Please see copy of your FoI request attached
DWP Freedom of Information Request Team

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Jason Davies left an annotation ()

Phillip, point 82 from chapter 3 of the toolkit is all you really need to know:

82. We cannot specify to a JSA claimant how they provide us with records of their jobsearch activity and Universal Jobmatch will not change this – it is
not therefore possible to require JSA claimants to give DWP access to their Universal Jobmatch account.

Dear Operations FOI Requests,

Thank you for your response to my FOI request.

In chapter three of the UJM Toolkit the abbreviation/acronym "RE" occurs frequently, such as in point 141.

Does this simply mean referral to a decision maker or does it have a more detailed meaning? If it is more detailed please provide relevant DWP documentation that explains this.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Davies

Jack Silverside left an annotation ()

Hi, Jason
If I was to hazard a guess I think it stands for Refusal of Employment
That fits into what they are describing and is in their Quick Reference Links

Jason Davies left an annotation ()

OK Jack thanks for that.

I see you got the same information too! At least we've got them to admit their mistake. It's just a pity that in the meantime so many JSDs have been used to mandate people to give access to their accounts based on false information.

Operations FOI Requests, Department for Work and Pensions

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Mr Davies
Please see copy of your FoI request attached
DWP Freedom of Information Request Team

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