Universal Jobmatch is Mandatory

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Can you confirm that Universal Jobmatch will be mandatory for anyone on Jobseekers Allowance through:

1) Registration being made mandatory via an inclusion in a Jobseekers Agreement. [1]

2) Registration being made mandatory via a Jobcentre Adviser issuing a Jobseekers Direction. [2]

3) Registration being made mandatory via a Work Programme/Welfare to Work provider issuing a Mandatory Activity Notification [3] to register on Universal Jobmatch.

4) Registration being mandatory for anyone/everyone/all on Jobseekers Allowance based upon the Welfare
for Reform Act Section 17:

5) Registration being mandatory when a Jobcentre Adviser or Work Programme/Welfare to Work provider directs a Jobseekers Allowance Jobseeker to apply for a specific job only advertised/listed on Universal Jobmatch, as a Jobseekers Direction or a Mandatory Activity Notification.

Yours faithfully,
Mr E Walsh

[1] What is the ‘jobseeker’s agreement’?
To get Jobseeker’s Allowance you must
have a jobseeker’s agreement. This will set
out the things you’ve agreed to do to find
work. You must meet regularly with a
Jobcentre Plus adviser to show that you’re
able to start work and looking for a job,
and for us to check progress against your
jobseeker's agreement.

[2] Compulsory steps to find work - Jobseeker’s directions

[3] Mandating participants to undertake activity
Work Programme Provider Guidance

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Dear Mr E Walsh

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S. Rotheram left an annotation ()

MR. E. Walsh.
Now that UJ is going live on Mon, 19/11/12 could you please ask (push) for clarification on all these important questions? I am not sure if the exemptions still hold. As it is no longer policy but the real thing I think your very valid questions should be answered. Thank you in advance. S. Rotheram.

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