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Michael James Swan

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Upon speaking with a staff member at my local job centre. I have been advised that the use of the department of work and pension's UNIVERSAL JOB MATCH website/service is mandatory and failure to use it would result in the sanction of benefit payments.

Therefore, I kindly request under The Freedom of Information Act a copy of the policy/rules which STATE THAT USE OF UNIVERSAL JOB MATCH IS MANDATORY.

Also, in relation to Universal Job Match. I would like you to advise about it's privacy policy/terms of service/use.

Since, those who use the Universal Job Match are given the option NOT TO SHARE information with the job centre plus, etc; YET the job centre still claims it can access "some" information from "your/my" account.

Please detail what information they can access with and without the agreement of "the user", why they can access this information without prior consent, and finally...

What security measures are in place to ensure the safety of it's users.

Yours faithfully,

Michael James Swan

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Dear Michael James Swan
Attached is the response to your Freedom of Information request -
Universal Jobmatch
DWP Universal Jobmatch Team

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Mr Harris left an annotation ()

I’ve spotted a POSSIBLE loophole in the Universal Jobmatch mandation. It’s imposed by a Jobseeker’s Direction which (if done correctly) is allowed. However there APPEARS to be restrictions on *sanctioning* those who fail to carry out the JSD. In http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/dmgch34.pdf it says:

34586 A sanction can only be imposed if

5. the JSD was given to help them find A SPECIFIC employed earner’s employment …
(Emphasis in caps added by me)

So it APPEARS that a most JSDs to register are legal but toothless. (If UJ was mandated because an adviser knew it had a suitable job for the customer, a sanction would be possible.)

Caution: DON’T rely on this – I am not an expert. I could be wrong!