Universal Credit Forcing Disabled Claimants Out To Work

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Dear Department of Health,

Can you confirm that is against the law Universal Credit are forcing claimants to COMPLY with a work search agreement while their doctors, hospital specialists or consultants have supplied a sickness certificate to cover the period of sickness from their regular job and would this same law apply to include claimants supplied a FIT NOTE from their family GP which states a person is NOT FIT to work and the reasons why.

The Universal Credit Corporation has decided upon itself to completely undermine the professional opinion of a person employed through our UK's leading healthcare provider who has a close relationship with their patient , the information a claimant obtains from this person understands their health concerns better than the department of work and pensions.

The only time Universal Credit ask for further information based on the claimant's health or disability can be up to 2 years after the claim started. At this point, any medical evidence, care plan, explanations or risks about the effects work has on their patient, pain management reports, medication and patient summaries typed up from the healthcare provider will be elaborated for the purposes of attending a medical assessment, which often is designed to fail so it then needs to be appealed to a final stage tribunal.

However, there appears to have been a CRISIS ensued with Universal Credit that I haven't heard the media yet report on, many people, carers and relatives of sick claimants are taking to social media groups in particular facebook to speak of their distress where they actually feel they can have a voice and others are encouraging them to feel empowered to do so, many comments and posts are from frightened worried people who are clearly mistreated telling how Universal Credit are dismissing many written complaints through the .gov.uk site, many sharing grievances describing a deliberately trained rude and unhelpful systematic and institutionalized attitude sewn in the fabric of this evil, ghastly, hideous organization, and how long people endure a waiting time before reaching a noisy background call centre of call handlers many of whom don't speak good english and or / incompetent via the national telephone line.

The findings are that many claimants unable to work and subsequently NOT seeking a job or career as this requires tasks and activities beyond their control or practicality are still asked to attend the job centre several time each week, and allocated into the FULL TIME ALL WORK RELATED CONDITIONALITY ELEMENT which makes no allowances for sick or disabled claimants who have already proven their difficulties in finding or sustaining work from either a history in thier tax records or a health report advising that such expectations and pressures can worsen the claimants situation mentally, physically or both.

Claimants are shaming the organization as a detriment on their health or the person they care for, health assessments take too long to be offered as a way of contributing more information on why they can't work, Universal Credit will not accept any sickness claims in the interim of an assessment and many feel imposed upon, tier rights violated, and total disregard to the problems they face, some people are literally housebound and have offered an occupational therapist or social services write to Universal Credit to plead their decision on their ability to carry out the impossible.

Universal Credit claimants whether in-work, jobseeking, on a course to optimize their opportunities, disabled, the over 55's, vulnerable, homeless, mentally ill, self employed, or claiming due to maternity , are finding Universal Credit unnecessarily challenging and stressful, the admin and communications between UC and claimant are a failure, the UC team not bothering to respond to claimant's requests, a struggle to speak to anybody civilized, the transition from ESA -JSA-DLA-income support slow agonising, late or no payments, calls recorded for their benefit only NOT the claimant's, and generally people are feeling this agency and it's cohorts are getting away with not owing anybody any justification or transparency.

The system has been slow to recognize any changes since it started and to take action, so what people most fear is the continuation and interference from the media in saying Universal Credit is working, when we know this is untrue.

Many people affected by the unethical and immoral behaviour of Universal Credit Corporation are angry that the PM Theresa May , is so unbelievably clueless about the reality faced by many using Universal Credit. There is much data suggesting otherwise of UC working, perhaps for a small minority, and it is precisely the minority successful we hear about, not the mass population it lets down. badly, some of those people are evicted from their homes or end up in a food bank with enough to last just 3 days, only 3 visits maximum will take a food voucher per household per year. The food is poisoned bacteria in a tin, expired, and filthy. Again, something the government choose to turn a blind eye.

As my request is all relevant to health matters, my point originally discussed was to establish the law pertaining to health equality out of work support, disability rights of a claimant and specifically UC policy / protocol, which would indicate a person's right to time off work and entitlement to benefit.

Please would you kindly answer each point in turn. I believe UC are in BREACH of the law and I would urge you as the department of health to take on this responsibility in the interest of public safety.

Yours faithfully,

Ms Rubikin D'Silva

Department of Health, Department of Health and Social Care

Our ref: DE-1112323


Dear Ms D'Silva,
Thank you for your correspondence of 27 December to the Department of
Health about Universal Credit.  I have been asked to reply.

I appreciate your concerns.  However, as you may be aware, Universal
Credit is the responsibility of the Department for Work and Pensions.  I
would therefore suggest you raise your concerns with it directly, as it is
best placed to respond.  You can contact it by email to
[1][email address], or by writing to:


Department for Work and Pensions

Caxton House
Tothill Street
London SW1H 9NA


I am sorry I cannot be more directly helpful.

Yours sincerely,
Rory Howard
Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries
Department of Health



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