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Dear Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency,

I drive a small efficient van which I am forced, by statute to pay £225 per annum road tax. Meanwhile a large mobile crane which can lift 500 tons and weights well over 100 tons on the road and gets 2/5 miles per gallon only pays £165. This is clearly very wrong and a rip off which must and will come to an end.

I want to know if the DVLA will accept my legal and lawful IOU. for road tax?. I wish to impress upon your attention that Lord Denning in the courts of appeal repeatedly said that "all IOU's must be accepted as cash." Once again. Are you at the DVLA going to accept my lawful and fully legal IOU for road tax?

Yours faithfully,
Mr allan

FOI FOI, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Dear Mr Allan,

Thank you for your e-mail below. The DVLA are responding to you as routine business and not via the terms of The Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The DVLA administers and collects vehicle tax on behalf of HM Treasury. All decisions on vehicle tax, whether structure, rates or alternatives are a matter for the Chancellor of the Exchequer and as such are not set by the DVLA.

DVLA will not accept an 'IOU' in respect of vehicle tax. The issue of vehicle tax is governed by the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 (as amended). Where a vehicle tax for a vehicle of any description is taken out, vehicle excise duty is to be paid—
(a) at the annual rate of duty applicable to vehicles of that description, or
(b) if the duty is to be paid by more than one instalment pursuant to an agreement.

You may be interested to know that DVLA offer Direct Debit as a way to pay for vehicle tax. You can purchase vehicle tax:
• annually,
• 6 monthly
• monthly

We hope this explains the situation.

Yours sincerely,

David A Morgan
Freedom of Information Team
Data Sharing & Protection Group | Strategy, Policy and Communications Group | D16 | DVLA | Swansea | SA6 7JL
Twitter: @dvlagovuk

Vehicle tax or SORN can’t be passed on when a vehicle changes hands.
Find out more at: www.gov.uk/vehicletaxrules

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nebb left an annotation ()

What a ridiculous thing for the DVLA to say ; you do not accept IOU's. What do you think is written on the bank NOTES we all use? I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of.......we can not pay for anything. We can only promise to pay. And the bill of exchange act 1892 allows us all to write our own IOU's. The law demands that all IOU's be treated as cash. I have the right under statute to give you a lawful and legal IOU which I will noterise and you will accept. If you dishonour my IOU you have extinguished any debt you may feel existed between us.