Understanding the alternative arrangements on the Backstop in the event of No Deal

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Dear Prime Minister's Office,

The Prime Minister has stated that “We’ve made it very clear that we won’t be instituting any kind of checks or controls on the Northern Irish border. We don’t think that any such controls are necessary. There are a large range of alternative arrangements with which you’ll be familiar”. Sadly I do not think we are ‘familiar’ with those alternative arrangements. In addition should any procurement be required current public sector procurement deals can take many weeks from designing the specification to placing and evaluating the tenders. I assume that you will have put detailed plans in place for this even though if we are lucky we won’t need then. There is only a few months left. Therefore please can you provide information on:

1. Timetables and plans for tendering for any supportive technology, goods or services for alternative arrangements to the Backstop.
2. Designs and specifications for any technology solutions eg high level process designs and business analysis plans to ensure the project is a success.
3. Details of which departments will be project managing and delivering said alternative arrangements and the budget provisions for this work.
4. Communication plans for said alternative arrangements.
5. Arrangements to quality assure that the solution will work.
6. Long term costing models for ensure the solution will ‘keep pace with the market’ and be maintained.

I hope this information can be made freely available to the people of the UK as it will certainly put minds at rest by seeing the plans.

Yours faithfully,

Laura Dawson

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