Under the bonnet of Stockport Council - a Wartburg driven hard by joyriders!

Waiting for an internal review by Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities of their handling of this request.

Dear Department for Communities and Local Government,

I want to know who to report this misuse of public money to. I have been to the District Auditor before over the toxic waste dump school financial irregularities and massively rising costs and he refused to act.

The peaceful town hall protester has a minor council tax problem, to my mind caused by the Council and not by him. He was found not guilty in a recent court case over this. He adopted two daughters from Stockport Council (now adult). The girls had a terrible time with their birth parents and were receiving excellent counselling from After Adoption. Despite receiving £600,000 to fund such services from the Government, they stopped funding After Adoption and spent the money on something else. As his daughters grew more and more troubled he asked the Council for more counselling for them. Had the girls remained in care they would have cost the council taxpayer a fortune. To adopt two such children is a very difficult task. One of the children had the wrong details on her documents, so if she was taken to A & E, she didn't actually exist.

After a decade of getting nowhere with the Council (and please remember many of these officials are paid over £100,000 per annum to sort matters like this out and the Chief Exec £175,000), he decided to stand on the town hall steps in silent, peaceful protest until the Council helped him with his plight, as they are paid to do.

The had him arrested over 50 times, nights in the police cells, police called over 150 times, once with blue flashing lights called by the Council as an emergency when he used the town hall public lavatory, despite having written permission from the Chief Executive to do so. He was repeatedly incarcerated in a tough Manchester prison, despite being a sick man. At no time had he done anything violent or nasty - he is an intelligent, gentle man who simply wants to help his daughters.

There were court cases dropped on the day of the hearing, with the resulting waste of police time in attending court, two Crown Court trials, one with a jury for three days costing £10,000 per day. At no time has been accused of anything more than going peacefully to Stockport town hall to ask for help.

They put him under 2 year house arrest 8am to 8pm and were threatening him with the bailiffs over unpaid council tax but if he went to the town hall to try to sort it out, they had him arrested again. The judge said he had to claim benefits to qualify for Legal Aid; when he attended his benefits tribunal at the town hall they arrested him again.

Fortunately and belatedly, the CPS and police have stopped being party to this harassment but from the Council it continues and it continues at my expense as a council taxpayer. I learn that in the past couple of weeks they have again taken him back to court, charged with walking past the town hall, and yet again dropped the case on the day of the hearing.

I tried to intervene on his behalf but despite three letters of authority the Council refused to let me go to the town hall to sort out his problems. Eventually, they have been forced kicking and screaming to accept this, although are again dragging their feet and there is no action as yet to sort out his problems and apparently no desire to either.

I have found the District Auditor to be a waste of time ( written evidence available on request), I have again yesterday gone to his local MP and junior DCLG minister Andrew Stunell to ask him to do his job and sort this problem out. He has done nothing to help him despite requests for the past umpteen years, so I am not hopeful he will do anything now either. We shall see and I shall update this site as to what action, if any, he takes.

This was just one of his trials. The judge told the Council to sort out his problems. So far they have done nothing except continue to have him arrested:-


You tube - mrpeacefulprotester.

I look forward to hearing what written plans Mr. Pickles has for council taxpayers to deal with cases like this, which must have cost the council taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Yours faithfully,


Dear Department for Communities and Local Government,

Hello, is there anyone listening? Please may I have a response. This is the cornerstone of Mr Pickles' policy.

Yours faithfully,

Sheila Oliver

Sheila Oliver

Dear Department for Communities and Local Government,

As I have not yet had a reply, could I please have any documents regarding the DCLG having raised this issue with Mr Stunell, my MP and junior minister. He was happy to keep everything secret and still is. All documents regarding the raising of the LibDem Stockport Secrecy issues with him please.

We can't have Coalition ministers publicly endorsing one thing and privately doing the opposite, can we?

Kind regards

Yours faithfully,

Sheila Oliver

Martin Harding,

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Dear Ms Oliver

Please see the attached response to your request for information of 12 May


Martin Harding
Department for Communities and Local Government
FOI Advice Team
D/06 Ashdown House
St. Leonards on sea
Tel: 0303 44 41025

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Sheila Oliver

Dear Martin Harding,

I can't contact the Local Ombudsman, I have tried. They are not interested because I do not live in the exact locality of the toxic waste dump school.

So, what do I do next? Mr Pickles said I could look under the bonnet. I can't! Stunell ostensibly believes in open government and public accountability: he doesn't!

I look forward to your further comments.

Yours sincerely,

Sheila Oliver