Dear King’s College, Cambridge,

One of your spokespersons recently told The Guardian: “Our visitor guides and porters have a very challenging job during the tourist season, with literally thousands of visitors per day. It is thus very important that they behave in a professional manner at all times, which is why they have had comprehensive customer service training, including unconscious bias training.”

Please can you provide an electronic copy of all training materials used in the unconscious bias training delivered to porter and visitor guides.

Yours faithfully,
G Webber

King's College, Cambridge

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Dear G Webber,


This is in reply to your enquiry received by the College on 25 June and
made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA). I can confirm that
the College holds some  information related to your request, though
because the training is conducted by an outside company we hold only the
course content, attached. In addition, all staff including Porters undergo
'Dignity at Work' training, again provided by an outside company and we do
not hold the course content, which covers many things including equality


If you have further questions please ask me in the first instance. I
attach a leaflet outlining the College's FOI Act policies and procedures.
If, after following those procedures you are still not satisfied with the
way in which your request has been dealt with you may apply directly to
the Information Commissioner for a decision. Generally, the Commissioner
will not entertain your complaint unless you have exhausted any relevant
internal review procedures.



Yours sincerely

Peter Jones


Peter Jones

Freedom of Information Officer

King’s College, Cambridge

Cambridge CB2 1ST


Email: [1][King’s College, Cambridge request email]

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