UKLFHB: Calculation of Minimum Separation Criteria and or Minimum Separation Distance for Helicopters

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Dear Ministry of Defence,

I am seeking information as to how MSD and MSC are calculated for helicopters, meeting the requirements of RA 2330(1): Low Flying:
2330(1) ►Low-flying shall be specifically authorised and conducted in accordance with the procedures contained in the UK Military Low Flying Handbook (UKLFHB).◄

AMC RA 2330(1) 2 states:
2. ►The authorization should include brief details of the route or area of operation.
b. Rotary Wing. For all flying below 2000 ft AGL/AMSL, minimum AGL/AMSL should be stated. At or below 250 ft AGL/AMSL the Minimum Separation Distance (MSD), or Minimum Separation Criteria (MSC) and AGL, should be stated.◄

AMC RA 2330 AMC3: Minimum Separation ►Considerations◄
3. ►For general flight safety and◄ to avoid unnecessary annoyance to the public, low flying should be conducted at the highest separation criteria, such as MSD or MSC when used in conjunction with AGL, consistent with any operational or training requirement, and should normally be not less than 250 ft for fixed-wing aircraft, and 100 ft for rotary-wing aircraft, or the separation criteria, laid down in Aviation Duty Holders and ►AM(MF)◄ Orders.

GM 2330(1) 30. Rotary-Wing Aircraft.
►Notwithstanding the criteria stated in the Minimum Separation Conditions above,◄ Rotary-wing aircraft operating in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) below 500 ft above the surface may operate in accordance with MSD, or to minimum height and separation criteria (AGL plus MSC) as laid down by Aviation Duty Holders and ►AM(MF).◄

Ideally, I would like access to the MLFHB which appears to contain the guidance material to enable AM/MF to determine appropriate MSD or MSC.

Yours faithfully,

Yours faithfully

P.A.H. Blackiston
Chapel Amble
PL27 6EW
Tel: 01208 816778
(M) 07835 181165 on behalf of Rebecca Wright, Ministry of Defence

Dear Paul Blackiston

Your request has been logged under our reference FOI2019/09367 and the
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