UK Spouse visa Fresh application allowed without withdrawing the appeal?

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Dear Home Office,

I made the UK spouse visa application in time before my visa expiry however at that time my wife only had 4 months' worth of payslips. The Home Office had refused the visa application because of not meeting the financial requirement but was granted right of appeal.

I have appealed but got the appeal date which is about 6 months after, due to which I will have to face difficult times as I am stuck until then.
My query is that currently my wife has now got more than 6 months' of payslips and so do meet the requirements so is it possible without withdrawing the appeal to make a fresh application now with additional financial evidence not available earlier at the time of initial application because of which the application was refused?

Yours faithfully,

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DMC (Croydon), Home Office

Dear Sir/Madam,



Thank you for your email correspondence of 25 February.


Please be informed that you will need to withdraw your appeal in order to
submit a fresh application. Once your appeal is withdrawn, your 3C leave
will end.


Please see the link below for further details:



I hope this information is helpful.. 


Yours faithfully,



Mala Anand

UK Visas and Immigration



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Dear DMC (Croydon),

Thank you for your response dated 04 March 2015.

Following up with your reply as you mentioned that I cannot make a fresh application without withdrawing the appeal and if I do withdraw the appeal my 3C leave will end. So can you please clarify as to what can I do in this situation because there should be some solution.

Yours sincerely,


Wayne Pearsall left an annotation ()

You could try a reconsideration request and submit the extra documents. (Free to request). Be very careful about withdrawing appeal. Ensure u submit all recent financial evidenc to couurt too.