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Sam from medConfidential

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Thank you for the clarity and helpfulness in your response to reference FOI2022/16858 which recommended a more targeted request – your response to that request is available here in case it assists you answering this request:

Under the Freedom of Information Act can you:

1) please provide a list of To-Dos that include the word sanction (as suggested in your response to question 1a and 1b of FOI 2022/16858)

2) please provide a list of To-Dos that do not include the word sanction (as implied in your response to question 1c FOI 2022/16858)

It may be that both (1) and (2) should be a request for "a list of To-Do titles" rather than just "a list of To-Dos" and you are welcome to read it how it was intended in the previous request from which it is quoting (similarly, it is unclear to me why the previous response implied the above should be two separate items, and you are welcome to merge them if that makes it easier to respond to this request).

3) please provide a copy of training materials for Job Centre staff which contain examples of the following To-Dos, or which describe the circumstances in which they should be requested:
a) Application for New Style ESAc (Dual Claim)
b) Record ESA appeal outcome
c) Non-dependant DLA/PIP review

Under part 3, the parts I am interested in are related to the questions that get asked in the todo.

Yours faithfully,
Sam Smith

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