UASC reform and Nigel Stock

Cassidy, J made this Freedom of Information request to Northamptonshire County Council

Waiting for an internal review by Northamptonshire County Council of their handling of this request.

From: Cassidy, J

Dear Sir or Madam,

Further to your letter of April 27th 2009, [1] per your suggestion,
I am reconfiguring my request as follows:

Please email me an electronic copy of the following information
concerning the work of Nigel Stock.

1) Please provide copies of the presentations quoted below.

"I understand that Mr Stock has had numerous meetings and made
presentations about the UASC Reform Programme" [ibid]

2) All the emails and attachments to and from Mr Stock and anyone
within UKBA's UASC Reform Programme [2]

an example of how another Public authority has responded to a
similar request can be found at:

3) All the emails and attachments to and from Mr Stock concerning
the LGA's UASC Reform Steering Group and any of it's Sub groups and
not just the Group's 'Post-18' issues working sub-group, which Mr
Stock is recorded as a member of.

I understand this Steering group and sub-groups are multi-agency,
including Non Public Authority members and therefore the
information is in wide distribution and could be considered to be
in the Public Domain, save for it not being published. [3]

: Your correspondence :

Please ensure that any of your general correspondence,
acknowledgements or holding letters etc are included or
cut-and-pasted into the body of the email messages, using plain
text, rather than as attachments. As this will mean your
correspondence is much easier to access, read and respond to.

: Accessibility :

When providing any information disclosures please provide it in the
original unrestricted format such as:

a. MS Word .doc or Rich Text Text .rtf format or equivalent
(suitable for disclosure of email messages)

b.Spreadsheets in MS Excel .xls format or equivalent

c.Presentations in MS Powerpoint .ppt format or equivalent

or converted to Portable Document Format (PDF), ONLY if none of the
above formats are available

if you only have a paper version (hard copy) available, please
provide a Digital Photo Copier Scanned version in PDF format. If
you do provide disclosures in PDF from a Digital Photo Copier Scan,
please state that you have done so because no other format, such as
a, b or c above, are available.

Please ensure any electronic disclosures are absolutely free of any
Document Restrictions and Encryption or Passwords, as this is
likely to render them less usable on a general basis and more
specifically, inaccessible to Assistive Technology.

Please do not send any information in compilation archive formats,
such as .zip.

Providing correspondence and disclosed information via these means
will also help ensure that text based information is accessible for
use with a Screen Reader or a Magnifier for none text based

Yours faithfully,

Cassidy, J



[2] UASC reform programme (an overview of what the reform programme

Address of the UKBA's UASC Reform Programme

Directorate of Central Operations & Performance
UASC Reform & Management
5th Floor, St Anne House.
Wellesley Road

[3] Local Government Association's Asylum and Refugee Task Group
and the multi-agency UASC Reform Steering Group

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From: Cassidy, J

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of
Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Northamptonshire
County Council's handling of my FOI request 'UASC reform and Nigel

No response received whatsoever.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is
available on the Internet at this address:

Yours sincerely,

Cassidy, J

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From: Maria Damigos
Northamptonshire County Council

Attachment FR1292 reply 27 05 09.doc
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Dear Sir or Madam

Please see attached.

Kind regards

Maria Damigos

Senior Freedom of Information/Data Protection Officer

Telephone 01604 236707

Legal and Democratic Services

Northamptonshire County Council

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