Treatment of exempt information at council meetings

Currently waiting for a response from Swindon Borough Council, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Swindon Borough Council,

Please can you supply me with the following information about items considered under Part B (Press and Public excluded) at meetings of the council:

1) Are the specific reasons as to why the information is exempt stated in the Agenda for the meeting?
2) Is the Part B of the meeting fully minuted and the full minute agreed in Part B of a future meeting?
If not, how is the Part B minuted?
3) Are all or some papers considered under Part B routinely reviewed at a later date to establish whether the reason for their exemption remains valid, or whether the passage of time has resulted in the public interest in their publication out weighing the reason for which they were originally exempted?
4) If only some items are routinely reviewed, what is the policy as to which items should be reviewed?
5) When it is established that the exempt paperwork or record relating to a Part B meeting is appropriate for total or partial publication, either as a result of routine review or because it has been supplied in reply to a Freedom of Information request, is that paperwork then published on the council’s website alongside the other paperwork for the relevant meeting?
6) Has the council ever reviewed its policy on Part B papers in one of the council’s public meetings?

Yours faithfully,

Owen Temple

Swindon Borough Council

[1]Swindon Borough Council
Dear Owen Temple,

Case reference number: FOI003576

Thank you for your request. The Freedom of Information Act creates two
general rights in relation to information:

 1. The right to be told whether or not the information requested is
 2. The right to be given that information within 20 working days

We aim to respond to your request within 20 working days.

Kind regards, 

Freedom of Information Representative
Corporate, Anti-Social Behaviour, Leisure and Libraries

Swindon Borough Council


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