Michael Wingfield

Dear Government Office for the North West,

I'd like to see the figures please of how much public money Manchester has received for its transport infrastructure in the last 10 years compared to money received by Liverpool

Yours faithfully,

Michael Wingfield

Michael Wingfield

Dear Government Office for the North West,

The response to my request has been delayed. By law, you should normally have responded promptly and by 12 April 2010. Please chase up this request, thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Wingfield


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On behalf of Nicky Mailey
Team Leader

Please find attached a response to your Freedom of Information request.

Kind regards

James Pilkington

Government Office for the North West

City Tower

Piccadilly Plaza


M1 4BE

Tel: 0161 952 4217

Fax: 0161 952 4255

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