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Richard Taylor

Dear Department for Transport,

This is a freedom of information act request for information relating to the new "Find a cycle route" feature on the Transport Direct website:

I am seeking the release of the following information:

1. A breakdown of the money i) allocated for and ii) spent on this new feature; broken down both by source of funding (public and private) and by project component (data collection, software development, marketing etc.).

2. Details of arrangements to release cycling data collected at public expense. If the data is to be released under an open licence, could you please specify which licence, and/or supply a copy. I am specifically seeking information related to any claims the Ordnance Survey has over the cycling data collected; and if such claims exist I would like to request details of if and under what terms, and what prices, the data will be made available to Ordnance Survey customers.

3. The number of successfully-planned cycle journeys since the launch of the feature.

4. The number of instances of user feedback on the cycle journey planner since its launch.

5. The cost to a Local Authority for adding their area to the planner, including data collection costs. If the cost is variable, eg. dependent on the size of the authority, I would like the formula for calculating the cost to be released.

6. Copies of agendas, minutes and papers relating to the meetings the project boards / working parties (or similar bodies) which have been involved in planning and/or oversight of the project.

For the avoidance of doubt, the requests for amounts of money are not requests for contractual details or names of companies involved, nor sums paid to individual contractors.

As a major funder of the Transport Direct project I expect the Department of Transport will hold the requested information. If any of information is not held by the department but is held by "Transport Direct" I would like to request that the department assist me (in accordance with S.16 of the FOIA) either by obtaining the information for me on my behalf, or passing my request on to the appropriate contact there. I understand Transport Direct is considered a "UK Government programme" which comes under the Department of Transport.

If elements of this request can satisfied sooner than others, please release the available information as soon as possible and then follow-up with respect to the remainder.

If the precise information sought is not held I would like to request you advise me as to what related information is available and supply me with that.

Could you please acknowledge my request on receipt.



Richard Taylor

Ivan Pocock, Department for Transport

Dear Mr Taylor,

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your request for information which has been allocated the above reference number. A response will be issued to you in due course.


Ivan Pocock
Department for Transport
Information Rights Unit
D/04, Ashdown House
Sedlescombe Road North
St Leonards on Sea
East Sussex
TN37 7GA

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Mike Gibson, Department for Transport

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Dear Mr Taylor

Thank you for your interest in the 'find a cycle route' feature on Transport Direct. A full response to your questions is attached.

Yours sincerely

Mike Gibson

Transport Direct

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Richard Taylor

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