Transiting via the UK to Ireland and landing cards for EU families

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Dear Home Office,

Is one (an EU family memeber traveling with a the EU citizen spouse under the directive 3004/38/EC) required to fill a landing card whilst transiting a UK airport to Ireland. The EU fam card already exempts one’s family member from having a visa (EEA family permit).

And what stamp must be placed on the family members passport?.

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Dear Sir/Madam,


Thank you for your enquiry.


If a valid EEA family permit is presented at UK passport control, as the
holder is transiting landside, a landing card is required and the permit
will be date stamp on 1^st use. Subsequent uses of the permit by the
holder no land card is required and the permit will not be stamped.


If a valid UK issued  residence card for a EEA family member is presented
no landing card is required and passport/card will not be stamped.






The Duty Officer

Border Force National Immigration & Customs Enquiries (BF NICE)


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