Trainee teacher NQT data request.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Lewisham Southwark College,

I am writing to make an Open Government request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. In order to assist you with this request, I am outlining my query as specifically as possible. If, however, this request is too wide or unclear, I would be grateful if you could contact me as I understand that under the Act, you are required to advise and assist those who request information from you.

Firstly, from your most recent complete cohort data, how many teacher trainees successfully completed their training?

Secondly, how many of those same trainees were on an NQT placement at the end of their training, compared with how many were not employed (by a school full time) at the end of their training.

Lastly, How many of those same trainees were employed through a supply agency?

I understand that under the Act, I am entitled to a response within 20 working days. I would be grateful if you could confirm by email that you have received this request. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours faithfully,

Luke Jacob

Dear Luke

Thank you for your enquiry to Lewisham Southwark College. We have forwarded it on to the relevant department, who will be in touch soon

Should you require any further information or if you do not receive a reply within 48 hours please do not hesitate to let us know via [Lewisham Southwark College request email]

Kind regards

Admissions Team

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Susan Glover,

Response to request from Luke Jacob


Dear Luke


Thank you for your recent enquiry to Lewisham Southwark College requesting
information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  Your enquiry
appears to be directed for a school and we are Further Education College
and do not have NQTs.


In response to your enquiry we would answer


1.       The 2015/16 Teacher Training cohort (summer 2016 completion) had

-          10 student teachers complete the Diploma in Education and
Training (DET)

-          23 student teachers complete the Postgraduate Certificate in
Education (PGCE)


2.      Two students on the DEET programme (2016/17) are currently
employed by the college as lecturers


3.       We do not have any data available in this regard


We trust this answers your enquiry.


Yours sincerely

Sue Glover




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