Dear Rother District Council,

Please find below an FOI request relating to the trafficking of children and their subsequent care.

Unseen piloted safe accommodation for potentially trafficked foreign migrant children. The service was developed with local authority, police and governmental partners and was Ofsted registered. Through running this service we became aware of some systemic barriers that fundamentally prevent children from accessing the care and protection they need.

We would like to know, for each local authority in the UK:

1. How many potentially trafficked children you have identified in the last 12 months?
2. How many of these children have been non-UK Nationals?
3. Of the children identified what type of care placements have been sought? (foster care, secure, supported accommodation, children’s home, living independently)
4. How many children in this cohort have subsequently a) remained in their original placement b) moved to a different placement c) gone missing short-term (72 hours or less) or d) gone missing long-term (over 72 hours)?

This information is being requested from each Local Authority area in the UK.
Yours faithfully,
Unseen (UK)

foi, Rother District Council

Dear Ms Garbers

Thank you for your request. However, as a District Council we have no child care responsibilities and therefore do not hold this information. The relevant authority is East Sussex County Council who can be contacted at [email address].

Freedom of Information Manager

Rother District Council
Town Hall
Bexhill on Sea TN39 3JX

T: 01424 787000
E: [Rother District Council request email]

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