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richard lobsiger made this Freedom of Information request to Humber Bridge Board

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

Humber Bridge Board did not have the information requested.

richard lobsiger

Dear Humber Bridge Board,

I have three questions, please.

1. Please, could you advise how many cars per day are accidentally going into the pre-paid lane?

2. May I ask how many of these are being hit with £15 charges because they are either

a: unaware

b: falling foul to the 24 hour payment deadline when it happens on a Friday and the vehicle number plate which I now know does not register as a debt until Monday morning.

c: how many disputes are accepted as non-fault by the vehicle when they accidentally hit the wrong lane?

Yours faithfully,

Richard Lobsiger

UnPaid Toll,

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Good Afternoon Mr Lobsiger




Further to my previous email, I have been passed your subsequent enquiry.


I hope I have answered your previous questions already and in response to
your requests for our data figures - this information is not readily
available. The Humber Bridge Board is committed to allowing appropriate
access to our records and, accordingly, we publish details of our
financial and operational records on our website


You should note, however, that we are not a public body and cannot,
therefore, respond to individual requests for information under the
freedom of information act as we are not subject to that legislation.


Please do get back in touch if you feel my previous email did not answer
fully any of your concerns.


Kind Regards


Annabel Fearon  
Customer Services Manager
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