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Marlon Campbell made this Freedom of Information request to Merton Borough Council

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Dear Merton Borough Council,

I am investigating the way local councils consult on their traffic management proposals.

Under the London Authorities Traffic Orders (Procedure) Regulations 1986, the Council is obliged to consult bodies that may have an interest in its proposed Traffic Management Orders.

Copies of Notices which will be published in the local press and the London Gazette detailing the proposals have to be sent to those bodies and the council invites them to send to the Council in writing within 21 days, any representations or objections they wish to make in respect of the draft Orders. All replies must specify the grounds of the objection.

Council Traffic Reports then use words such as "4.2 Official bodies such as the Fire Brigade, the Cycling Council for Great Britain, The Pedestrian Association, Age Concern, The Owner Drivers’ Society, The Confederation of Passenger Transport and bus operators are consulted separately at the same time as the public notice. Up to 27 bodies in total are consulted depending on the relevance of the proposals."

What are the criteria for inclusion on this list?

Please provide a list of the "bodies" that the council has listed as statutory consultees, and the designated representative person and their position to receive and respond to consultations, together with the date on which the organisation was added to the list of Statutory Consultees.

In each case, please confirm the nature of the information that the council required each person to provide to confirm their authenticity, and the date of the last two occasions on which provision of information to satisfy such a check was made.

Please also provide the date and subject of each of the last three occasions upon which each body has made a response following notification of such a consultation opportunity.

Yours faithfully,

Marlon Campbell

ES Enquiries, Merton Borough Council

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Dear Marlon Campbell

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request. Please find attached
an acknowledgement letter.

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Simon Guild, Merton Borough Council

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Dear Mr Campbell,

Please find attached the council's response to your FOI Request

Yours Sincerely

Simon Guild

Information Governance Manager (Data Protection)

Civic and Legal Services

Merton Council

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Dear Simon Guild,
Thank you for your reply.

I note that the ABD - Association of British Drivers is not included on your list of Consultees.

The ABD is a well-established organisation representing the interests of drivers across the UK -

The Association of British Drivers is an accredited consultant for the Department for Transport and was requested to give evidence recently to the Government's Transport Select Committee.

The ABD is a member of the Road Users’ Committee for the Highways Agency and is an active member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety.

Would you be willing to add the local representative of the ABD to your list?

Their details may be found at the relevant webpage at

Would the council invite the ABD to submit contact details for your list?

If not, how should such a request be sent to the council?

Yours sincerely,

Marlon Campbell