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Dear Police Scotland,

I am looking to obtain details of incidents that Police have responded to / attended on the M74 between J1 and J6. I am looking for this on the whole of August 2016. If cost implications occur this can be narrowed to first week in Aug 1st - 7th and J3 - J6.

I am looking for how many incidents have been attended to that are (as best as I can describe) static incidents. This would include for example; traffic collision, breakdown of vehicle, pedestrian on motorway, debris on motorway, but would NOT include incidents such as pursuit of vehicle, vehicle pulled over for speeding/insurance/on phone etc.

Where possible, could you please break down results into categories (breakdown, collision etc) and provide brief report of incident (vehicle broken down in lane 1 blocking traffic at J4 northbound etc).

Where possible, please advise how many units (unit being one vehicle regardless of number of officers in it) responded.

Yours faithfully,

C Henderson

FOI Glasgow, Police Scotland

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