Totals for FOI Requests and FOI Section 21 Exemptions in 2016

The request was partially successful.

Dear Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council,

I would like to make an FOI request for the following pieces of information:

1) How many FOI requests did you receive in the year Jan 1st 2016 - Dec 31st 2016 (or your equivalent business/financial year), and;

2) How many FOI Section 21 exemptions did you employ during this same time period?

Yours faithfully,

Nick Jackson

Data Protection, Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council

Thank you for your email.

Your enquiry has been given the reference number 5377. Please quote this in all future correspondence with regard to this enquiry.

We aim to respond fully to all emails from the public as soon as possible, where they are seeking a response.

If you are requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act or environmental Information Regulations, there is a 20 working day statutory timescale within which to provide the information requested, subject to any exemptions which may apply. The 20 working day timescale will start on the first working day following receipt of your email.

If you have access to the Internet you may wish to see if your enquiry can be dealt with online at The council's website enables many forms to be completed and payments to be made online, as well as providing comprehensive information.

Thank you
Trafford Council

Fox, Paul, Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council

Dear Mr Jackson,


Further to your FOI request, please find below our response:


1) How many FOI requests did you receive in the year Jan 1st 2016 - Dec
31st 2016 (or your equivalent business/financial year), and;


1272 FOI requests received during the period.


2) How many FOI Section 21 exemptions did you employ during this same time


Notice of Refusal Issued under Section 12, Freedom of Information Act,

Please be advised that to supply the information that you have requested,
it is estimated to exceed the statutory limit of £450. Although this
information is held, we are unable to supply it to you as it is estimated
to take more than 18 hours to determine, locate, retrieve and extract the
information. This request is therefore refused under Section 12 of the
Freedom of Information Act 2000. This section relieves a public authority
from the obligation to comply with a request for information under Section
1(1) of the Act where the estimated time required to locate, review and
extract the information exceeds a certain threshold set out in
Regulations. The Regulations set out the cost limit for Government
departments and for other public authorities. For local government,
Regulation 3 states that the cost limit is £450 and Regulation 4(4) states
that the prescribed hourly rate is £25 which equates to 18 officer hours.


To clarify,  we do not maintain a separate log of exemptions applied.
Therefore, in order to caluculate the number of section 21 exemptions
applied, we would need to review each individual response issue to the
1272 FOI requests received during the period in question. We calculate
that this would take approximately 2 minutes per FOI response and given
than we issued 1272 FOI responses, we estimate that it would take
approximately 42 hours to establish the exact number of section 21
exemptions applied.


If you are able to re-define your request more specifically, it may be
possible to provide the information you require. If you require any advice
or assistance in doing this, please do not hesitate to contact us.



If you are not satisfied with this response you may ask for an internal
review. If you would like an internal review you should email
[Trafford Council request email] or write to the Information Governance
Manager, Trafford Council, Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Stretford, M32


If you remain dissatisfied after an internal review has been undertaken,
you have a right to apply to the Information Commissioner for a decision.
The Information Commissioner can be contacted at:


Information Commissioner’s Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lane




Tel: 0303 123 1113


Please remember to quote the reference number in the subject line in any
future communications.


The supply of information in response to a freedom of information request
does not confer an automatic right to re-use the information.  Under UK
copyright law you can use any information supplied for the purposes of
private study and non-commercial research without requiring permission.
 Similarly, information supplied can also be re-used for the purposes of
news reporting. An exception to this is photographs.

For other forms of re-use, for example publishing the information, you
would need the permission of the organisation or person who owns the
copyright.  In the case of information produced by government departments
and agencies you can re-use the information under the Open Government
Licence.  For information about this please see


If, however, the copyright is identified as belonging to somebody else,
you will need to apply for permission.  For information about how to
obtain permission from a third party, please go to Intellectual Property
Office’s website at



Kind regards


Information Governance

Legal Services

Transformation & Resources

1st Floor

Trafford Town Hall

Talbot Road


M32 0TH

[Trafford Council request email]  


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