Total cost of purchasing and refit of new CCF (RN) Yacht Bellerophon

The request was successful.

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Please can I request a figure for the total financial expenditure to date for the purchase and subsequent refit work for the new CCF (RN) Yacht Bellerophon (Halberg Rassy 49).
This figure can be provided to the nearest £10,000.
It should ideally include the cost of purchase, refit work and new equipment purchased.
It does not need to include ancillary work such as the cost of subsequent survey inspections etc nor does time spent by MOD employees on the refit work need to be factored into the cost analysis.

Yours faithfully,

Henry Pearson

Dear Ministry of Defence,

You will be aware that I submitted a FOI request on the 3rd January with the subject "Total cost of purchasing and refit of new CCF (RN) Yacht Bellerophon".
Since it has now been 20 working days I had hoped for either a substantive reply or at least an acknowledgement of this request.

Are you able to provide either an update or a full response?

Yours faithfully,

Henry Pearson on behalf of Navy Command Secretariat,

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Dear Mr Pearson ,

Please find attached our response to your recent enquiry.


Navy Command Secretariat - FOI Section

CIO-FOI (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mr Pearson,

Thank you for your message below.

I attach a further copy of the Department's reply to your FOI request.

Yours sincerely

Information Rights Team

Ministry of Defence

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