Too unwell to claim any benefit, what now?

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
My illness's include Severe Depression, Social Anxiety, Rheumatoid Arthritis (this is painful swelling of the joints from regular movments or sat in same position for more than 5 minutes)
I failed my ATOS assement from the corrupt company that was put in charge, the report was full of lies, i showed i was in pain, he said "social anxiety? well your here so you cant be suffering from that" catch 22? we have to turn up else we fail and lose our money.
I sent much infomation surrounded my illness's i was still turned down, i appealed, my appeal was rejected even by the court.
We always recieve letters stating "we understand you have illness's but you have to be working to claim this benefit or be able to work even though you have an illness, claim jobseekers instead"
Those statments are always a joke, how can we recieve jobseekers when we arents fit for work? Key question to signing on "Are you fit for work?" now, we have to be honest else you have us up for fraud, we say "no" then we cannot claim job seekers. If we lie, claim, get given jobs and show we cannot do the job properly or at all you get us up for fraud.
Next is Income Support, the title is a dead giveaway its "support for income"
Now if we read the websites (on jobcentreplus) it says to claim income support you have to be over 16, have none or low income. We phone them up and get rejected there and then, "you have to be working to claim income support" really? we have no money, we need money and we cant have any.
Everything is in favour of everyone who has a job because they pay tax, those of us who really are unfit for work what are we meant to do? die out? I know the rich dont like the poor but this is beyond cruelty.
Even if we was accepted ESA we still have to go to work related assesments to get us into a job. Those who really need it and cant work are turned away.
Rules need to be changed and I want to know what i am suppose to do?
I havnt recieved any money since Early August.

Yours faithfully,
Mr A Holland

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