To Mayor of Liverpool- Are over 139 students lives at risk in the Paramount building, are there serious fire problems

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Dear Liverpool City Council,

Are over 139 students lives at risk in the Paramount building, are there serious fire problems within this building the Paramount building on London Road Liverpool?
Why has the Liverpool Echo and the Liverpool city council not acted after the {BBC Panorama } aired this problem on 27th June at 7 pm 2018?
Has the Merseyside fire and rescue authority been into this building or talked to the Liverpool city council yet?

There are over 139 students living in this building and over £79,000 per month in rents go to Tony Freeman's company MVG Holding and or to David Choules Urban Student Life?

Someone within the Liverpool city council and the Liverpool Echo has been hiding this information now for over 14 months, as a trial of emails to a number of Liverpool Echo reporters were sent last year to both the Liverpool Echo and the Liverpool city council as well as phone calls in which are on record.

Will the Mayor of Liverpool please for once explain the going on's, with Chinatown and why no work has started and why the investors still have not got back a full refund?
Great Geroge developments Ltd, Mr Neil Hunter and echo reporter Alister Houghton held talks some weeks ago, however the issue has been pushed to one side, and no one in Hong Kong, will invest or trust this Mayor, Cllr Gary Millar, who was on BBC Panorama 27th June 2018, has the Mayor not seen "Panorama"?

Will the Mayor please reply to both the issues at the "Building from Hell" The Paramount in London road Liverpool and the going on's behind closed doors with the 2nd new company in Liverpool's Chinatown ( GREAT GEORGE STREET DEVELOPMENTS LTD)

Now the Liverpool city council and the Liverpool Echo has gone along with this new company and still, the public has not been told the facts about the London banker, behind this new project
(Jason Oakley) who sends out lawyers letters to anyone who dares to question him or his holding company.

Will the Mayor of Liverpool be asking for the outstanding £950,000 due from Chinatown at the same time will the Mayor be asking for the rest of the millions in outstanding unpaid bills from other site projects?

Could the Mayor please tell the public, has this new company got the funds in place to carry out the work in Chinatown and will the £6 million be given back to the far east investors who were scammed into this first project?

Has the Mayor ever considered sacking Ann O'Byrne, Gary Millar, then handing in his own resignation after this {BBC Panorama} exposing the failure of his own council?

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Will the mayor also please pass all details of this failed site, {Victoria house Liverpool} in which "Mr Freeman" was behind with others who are yet to be named after the Liverpool court case ends in Liverpool?

Yours faithfully,

N. Wilson, and members of the Liverpool public

Finance and Resources, Liverpool City Council

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