Thornhill Road Ponteland Northumberland

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Grahm Richards

Dear Northumberland County Council,

Dear Leeds City Council,

Under the general requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I would be grateful if you would provide the following information in relation to ThornHill Road, in, Ponteland.

Reports of made of Traffic in the last 15 years.

Reports of defects to the roads surface.

Reports of Maintenance work carried out.

Reports of any modifications (routine or otherwise) made under the highway code.

List of names of reports made under the Highway code.

I would like this information sent electronically

Yours faithfully,

Grahm Richards

Kirsop, Lorraine, Northumberland County Council

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Lorraine C Kirsop
Admin Officer
Northumberland County Council
Western Area Highways
Highways and Neighbourhood Services
Local Services Group
Burn Lane
NE46 3HN
Tel: 01434 611101
Fax: 01434 611104
e-mail: [email address]
Website: [1]

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