This event was sponsored by, Peter McInnes of PHD1 Construction/ Cllr Gary Millar

The request was refused by Liverpool City Council.

sue li wong (Account suspended)

Dear Liverpool City Council,

A Freedom of Information Request

A number of questions to Gary Millar/ Ref/ 2014

[a] Please supply the reason why Councillor Gary Millar accompanied, Erika Rushton, chair of the Baltic Creative CIC to the Liverpool Biennial 2014

This event was sponsored by, Peter McInnes of PHD1 Construction.

said: “We are delighted to be supporting the creation of the McKeown Rice Exhibition Space.”

[b] Was this councillor there as a private person, or acting for the Liverpool city council.

[c] Could this councillor try to explain as to how his friend [Erika Rushton] got involved with PHD1 and to ask “Peter McInnes” to part fund this project?

[d] Or did councillor Millar and councillor O’Byrne ask “Peter McInnes” to get involved with [Erika Rushton] and back her company?

Yours faithfully,

sue li wong

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Ms Li Wong


Please see attached our response to your information request as submitted
to Liverpool City Council.     




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