This could be goodbye ATOS !!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

Mr Whitt made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Work and Pensions

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The request was successful.

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

under the freedom of information please could you confirm the following; ( I have the answers on good authority )

1.3 million tests over 2 years by ATOS?

11,000 sick claims seen a week?

ATOS is a french company?

ATOS paid 100 million pounds per year for contract?

39% of the above 1.3 million deemed fit for work?

17% able to do some sort of work?

7% genuine incapable of any kind of work?

36% dropped out of the system so in essence the scroungers?

To sum up in rounding up 25% had good cause to claim.

75% did not according to ATOS.

And of those 75% half of them are APPEALING and the estimate for the appeals tribunal to clear them 5 years. lol

And to also confirm please.

The members of parliment are not very happy with ATOS's performance and thus the government is blaming ATOS for the very many wrong diagnose's?

And subsequently the members of parliment after summer recess are have a very big review at ATOS's role in the future of medical examinations?

Why? because the government didn't expect the kind of money pay out to the Independant Appeals Tribunal.

Yours faithfully,


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Mr Taylor left an annotation ()

Mores the pity that the Appeals Tribunal can't award compensation for the distress caused to the vulnerable victims of this state sponsored persecution, or to the relatives of those that have taken their own lives as they were unable to cope with being targeted by these monsters.

Name removed 30 November 2012 (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

I had an ATOS WCA, the medicial report that followed describes a person of normal build (I am not) and of normal mood (when I kept crying throughout the medical when reminded of the bullying that I had suffered at work after my adult son had died).

I think someone else must have been in the room with me, because she was not describing me.

By the way, as if you hadn't guessed already, I failed the ATOS medical.

Or did I?

Maybe she did, whoever that other woman in there with me - was.

Sasha Callaghan left an annotation ()

I just wanted to say something about the people who do not proceed with their claim for ESA.

The DWP (and the Daily Hate etc) portray this as sinister and imply these people 'drop out' because they know they will fail the WCA as they have been claiming fraudulently.

There is NO evidence that I have seen which backs up this assertion.

ESA was always intended as a short term option for most people. Quite simply people get ill, become unfit for work, claim ESA and then recover within the 13 week period and return to work. What is so difficult to understand about that? The DWP must know this but chooses not to say so openly.

One group that this obviously applies to is women in the early stages of pregnancy (or who are in later pregnancy but who wouldn't qualify for Maternity Benefit). If a woman or her unborn child would be endangered if she continues to work then she can claim ESA. Once the baby is born her claim for ESA would end (unless she had another impairment or condition that would entitle her to continue claiming ESA).This could all happen well within the 13 week period and her claim would end without any WCA.

Sorry to bang on about this but it makes me very angry that people who legitimately claim ESA for a short period are being portrayed as fraudsters.

Mr Jones left an annotation ()

Further to the above, it should be pointed out that during the assessment phase for ESA, the benefit is paid at a rate similar to JSA. So it makes no sense to assume or suggest that there is anything suspicious about making and then dropping a claim, as doing so would not put the applicant in a better financial position than if he/she claimed JSA.

The only possible reason there might be for suggesting so is to stir up suspicion and hatred against applicants.

Mr Taylor left an annotation ()

Both great points although I suspect that the Daily Hate Mail (and any other publication that blames the ills of society on Grand Theft Auto) already had an inkling.

However I do feel , Mr Jones, that your statement:

"The only possible reason there might be for suggesting so is to stir up suspicion and hatred against applicants"

Could be construed as being slightly, erm, politically correct? (hush my mouth)
As there is absolutely nothing whatsoever correct about the politics in this matter I do feel that "incite" would have been a far better choice than "stir up".

Comrade Balinsky left an annotation ()

A copy of a letter from Atos threatening Amazon for hosting a website which Atos claim to be libellous towards them, including inaccurate and unsupportable allegations of their health care professionals carrying out sub standard medical assessments and implying Atos is shameful

No mention of the twelve Atos doctors being investigated by the General Medical Council though

Name removed 30 November 2012 (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

I think what is happening in this Country today is frightening, and the last post confirms that something is very wrong.

How can ATOS be truly independent, when it is paid by the very Department that it knows seeks 'certain' results?

Or am I missing something?

Mr Taylor left an annotation ()

Totally agree with your comment Maxine, I have sought clarification from Amazon of whether the letter in the link given above is authentic

As the website being accused of libel in that letter now appears to of been removed, I have written to Amazon in order to ascertain whether this was due to there actions and if so I will have to seriously consider whether I am willing to do any further business with their organisation.

To assist people in deciding for themselves the degree of revulsion they feel for Atos and the DWP I have taken the liberty of copying below an annotation by Mr Bach,
which I found on another FOI request made to the DWP by John Moore on this website.

I would add that the link given by Mr Bach in his annotation provides some very helpful information that may assist anyone being forced to participate in the charade of the WCA.

Mike Bach annotation to John Moore:

"Thank you for mentioning my case as documented in The more cases published in full the better. I have been told of appalling cases of military veterans, of those with bipolar, of those with fibromyalgia and worse carers who have experienced their loved ones who have died denied allowances. I am too tired to write up their cases as every week I get weaker.

I do recommend Vallium. You may still collapse like a stone and your arm and leg thrashes back and forward but the pain is no longer so bad that I have stopped yelling at people to cut my throat and end my extreme pain. I am lucky I have survived passed the 9 months which is the average survival time for someone withe my condition. I sleep much longer than before. I am pleased as I believe the end game is that I will fall asleep for longer and longer periods and then pass away (hopefully without too much pain).

There are so many too ill to fight for ESA. The Government claim this means they are not entitled. This may be true for some but not for most. I have asked for the medical conditions of those denied ESA. I have not being given this information. I think the NAO should audit the DWP and Atos and provide independent figures.

Thank you again for fighting on behalf of the dying, the sick, the disabled and their carers. You are a hero.

Highest Regards

Mike Bach"

DWP Adelphi Freedom-of-Information-Request, Department for Work and Pensions

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Dear Mr Whitt

Please see attached response to your FoI request.

Kind regards

DWP Central FoI Team

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P. Smith left an annotation ()

David Cameron's misleading speech to the Conservative Party Conference re: sickness benefit claimants.

Intriguingly David Cameron ceases to be the Prime Minister when he addresses the Conservative Party Conference!

J Newman left an annotation ()

Just on the ESA/JSA point, the benefit to the Government of moving people from the former to the latter is simply down to the controls already in place - time limitations, means testing, signing on etc.

me left an annotation ()

any one tell me how the vitims of child abuse deal with this atos situation,,,,after fighting for years in courts to prove what happend to us, AND THE ABUSERS JAILD
yes most will probley suffer with mental torcher for the rest of our lives,,,SO WHAT WILL ATOS TRY AND PROVE WHEN THE VICTIMES SHOW PROOF OF THERE LONG TERM ILNESS