Third Energy UK Gas Limited application to Assign its License PL080

Benjamin Dean made this Freedom of Information request to Oil and Gas Authority

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Oil and Gas Authority did not have the information requested.

Dear Oil and Gas Authority,

Please treat this email as a request under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, alternatively the Freedom of Information Act 2004.

On the 25th April 2019 Third Energy Onshore Limited released a press statement announcing it had agreed a sale of all its share capital to York Energy (UK) Holdings Limited subject to obtaining regulatory permissions. This sale includes the UK exploration and appraisal company Third Energy UK Gas Limited.

One of the regulatory permissions required is the OGA consent to the assignment of Third Energy UK Gas Limited license PL080 to York Energy (UK) Holdings Limited.

Please provide copies of all the financial information including accounts, bonds and guarantees that the OGA has been provided to support the assignment of PL080 from Third Energy UK Gas Limited to York Energy (UK) Holdings Limited. This financial information should include any accounts, bonds or guarantees also offered by York Energy, the Cayman Island Company that is legally responsible for York Energy (UK ) Holdings Limited and the ultimate US owning and controlling company for York Energy (UK) Holdings Limited, Alpha Energy.

Yours faithfully,

Benjamin Dean

Dear Oil and Gas Authority,

By law you should have by now replied to this foir.

Please would you undertake an internal review investigating your failure to reply and also provide a positive response to this foir.

Yours faithfully,

Benjamin Dean

OGA FOI requests, Oil and Gas Authority

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Dear Mr Dean,

Thank you for your email of today, 5 June 2019 (attached) and your original email of 6 May 2019.

Please see the attached response to your request.

We note your request for an internal review on the grounds of our "failure to reply" (presumably within 20 working days) however, by our calculations, taking into account the bank holidays on both Monday 6 May (when your case came to us) and Monday 27 May, the 20th working day would be today (5 June 2019) and your reply is duly attached.

Therefore we are unable to undertake an internal review on these grounds as they are not applicable.

As you will see from the attached case, you retain your rights to an internal review if you are dissatisfied with the response to this case.

Yours sincerely,

FOI Officer.

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