The Work Programme and offical public domain documentation published by the DWP

The request was refused by Department for Work and Pensions.

James Spencer-Gray

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I refer to the DWP published documentation concerning the Work Programme originally published in 2011. On page 5 of this document it states, and I quote: - " Participants must all be receiving an out-of-work income-replacement benefit at the time they are referred.

The document can be found under : -

I know refer to another DWP public domain documentation, found under your reference: -, which again confirms the above point but couches it in slightly different English by stating that an individual could not be mandated onto the Work programme if they were purely in receipt of National Insurance credits, i.e. not in receipt of an out of work income replacement benefit.

It also mentions that each individual had to undergo an interview before being allocated and therefore could not be mandated unless this process was duly observed, could you please confirm this point.

Therefore could you please confirm that NO ONE was allocated to the Work Programme, against their will, i.e. not a volunteer, unless the correct procedures mandated by the DWP were observed and that the designated Work Providers also had to comply with the notes provided by the DWP.

The question can be simplified, did every regional DWP office have to comply with the national policy and COULD NOT act unilaterally?

I contend that the only reason that you would find any reason not to answer the question would be to fail to acknowledge official departmental public domain documentation which ironically formed the basis of the DWP's (financed at great cost by the tax payer) in the case of Reilly and Wilson v the DWP.

Yours faithfully,

James Spencer-Gray

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James Spencer-Gray left an annotation ()

I trust the DWP will acknowledge their comments issued by them and the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith concerning the Work Programme published on the 06.08.2012 and available on their own dedicated web site...….. or yet another document that has dubious providence! on behalf of Operations FOI Team, Department for Work and Pensions

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Dear James Spencer-Gray,

I am writing in response to your request for information, received 11th

Yours sincerely,

DWP Central FoI Team

James Spencer-Gray left an annotation ()

Apparently the only response I get from the DWP, a refusal on the grounds the question is vexatious...what is vexatious is that they perjured themselves in the Supreme Court in a deliberate effort to pervert the course of justice

James Spencer-Gray left an annotation ()

apparently asking any question is now deemed vexatious but more interestingly the DWP refuse to accept the authenticity of their own public domain information, arrogance?

Stephen Cooper left an annotation ()

James, old son. I admire your tenacity but I’m afraid you’re on a hiding to nothing, here. As far as the DWP are concerned, the mark is on you. You are a vexatious enquirer. And that’s it. I give you ten out of ten for effort but I’d give it up if I were you. Otherwise you’ll end up like mas locin (link below). You’ll just end up chasing your tail, seriously. He’s been appealing against his appeals for a few years now.

As far as I know, the Work Programme bit the dust some time ago and it’s been replaced by the Work and Health Programme. Yes, I know. The Work programme was a massive failure and a huge waste of time for its participants. And I ought to know because I was on the damn thing. But you should know that it’s something the DWP would much rather forget. They’d like to pretend it just never happened.

Best wishes,

James Spencer-Gray left an annotation ()

thanks Steve for your comments but I believe the level of abuse needs to be exposed especially their failure to comply with the law, I was allocated when not even in receipt of any benefits and punished when I refused to work for free. The sad fact is they defrauded the European Social Fund and the tax payer as by dropping all other schemes they saved £875m in the first year alone.

James Spencer-Gray left an annotation ()

by the way I should also mention that I was informed that I had lost all my legal rights as a citizen immediately I was allocated and thus the Social Security Regulations 1975 did not apply to me and obviously as such I could not show that they had perjured themselves in the High Court etc in the case of Reilly v the DWP.

Additionally all official public domain government documentation did not apply to me.

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