The work of the Tottenham regen team; staff levels and budget costs‏

Martin Ball made this Freedom of Information request to Haringey Borough Council

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Haringey Borough Council,

I am interested in the work of the Tottenham regeneration team and the associated costs of this work.

What is the purpose of the Tottenham regeneration team? When was it set up? Does it have a work programme? If so, please provide for 2015-16.

What have been the major achievements of the Tottenham regeneration team in 2013-15?

Please provide an organisational chart for the Tottenham regeneration team on 1st June 2015? Can you indicated which members of the team have been appointed since 1st January 2015?

What is the cost of any additional staff? Please break down for salaries and recruitment costs. What was the combined salary cost of the Tottenham regeneration team in 2014-15?

What was the spend in 2014-15 on Tottenham regeneration team activities? What is the budget for these activities in 2015-16?

I understand the Tottenham regen team recently moved into offices in 639 High Road building. What was the cost of this move? Please provide a breakdown of the cost involved; including any transporting of items, the purchase of new equipment, and any building work undertaken to the office space.

Does the council have a lease on the new office space? If so, then what is the cost of the lease and how long is the lease?

Yours faithfully,

Martin Ball

Clay Lesley, Haringey Borough Council

Dear Mr Ball


Freedom of Information / Environmental Information Regulations Request:
Reference LBH/4346615


I acknowledge your request for information received on 03 June 2015.

This information request will be dealt with in accordance with the Freedom
of Information Act 2000 / Environmental Information Regulations and we
will send the response by 01 July 2015.


If you have any questions, please contact us on 020 8489 1988 or
[email address].

Yours sincerely



Lesley Clay

Feedback Review Officer


Haringey Council 

River Park House, 225 High Road, London, N22 8HQ


T. 020 8489 3398


[email address]



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Poole Liz, Haringey Borough Council

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FOI / EIR request reference: LBH/4346615
Response due date: 01 July 2015


Dear Mr Ball,

Re: Freedom of Information Act Request ref: LBH/4346615


Thank you for your request for information received on 04 June 2015, in
which you asked for the following information, my response is as follows:


|What is the |The [1]Tottenham Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) was approved by Cabinet in |
|purpose of the|March 2014, followed by the [2]SRF Delivery Plan which was approved by Cabinet in |
|Tottenham |July 2014. These documents set out the vision for Tottenham and the four programme |
|regeneration |priorities with projects in the short to medium term to deliver the aspirations |
|team? When was|within the SRF, which the Tottenham regeneration team along with other council |
|it set up? |colleagues, public, private and voluntary and community sector partners are working |
|Does it have a|with residents to deliver. |
|work | |
|programme? If |An update on progress will be available at the second annual Tottenham conference on|
|so, please |18 July 2015. |
|provide for | |
|2015-16. |The Tottenham regeneration team works to progress the regeneration of Tottenham. |
| |Funding was approved by Cabinet in February 2012 which established a package of |
| |Greater London Authority (GLA) investment in Tottenham, in conjunction with council |
| |match-funding. A separate report established revenue funding for the Tottenham team |
| |to support the regeneration programme. |
|What have been|An update on the team and progress/achievements to date was set out in a [3]report |
|the major |to the council’s Housing and Regeneration Scrutiny Panel in March 2015. |
|achievements | |
|of the |An update on progress of the SRF Delivery Plan will be available at the second |
|Tottenham |annual [4]Tottenham conference on 18 July 2015. |
|regeneration | |
|team in | |
|2013-15? | |
|Please provide|Organisation chart from 1st June 2015 for permanent team members attached indicating|
|an |which members were appointed post 1st January 2015. |
|organisational| |
|chart for the |There are some temporary, short-term posts required to support specific work areas |
|Tottenham |such as community engagement or rehousing. |
|regeneration | |
|team on 1st | |
|June 2015? Can| |
|you indicated | |
|which members | |
|of the team | |
|have been | |
|appointed | |
|since 1st | |
|January 2015? | |
|What is the |The cost of additional staff in 15/16 is projected to be £945,302. |
|cost of any | |
|additional |This is constituted of £943,337 for salaries and £1,965 for recruitment costs. |
|staff? Please | |
|break down for|These posts are funded through a combination of external grant funding secured, |
|salaries and |Housing Revenue Account contributions, and core revenue budget. |
|recruitment | |
|costs. What |The combined salary cost for 2014/15 was £1,080,210. |
|was the | |
|combined | |
|salary cost of| |
|the Tottenham | |
|regeneration | |
|team in | |
|2014-15? | |
|What was the |2014/15 spend: £2,519,431 |
|spend in | |
|2014-15 on |2015/16 budget: £3,666,500 |
|Tottenham | |
|regeneration |  |
|team | |
|activities? | |
|What is the | |
|budget for | |
|these | |
|activities in | |
|2015-16? | |
|I understand |The Tottenham Regeneration team moved into 639 High Road in mid May 2015. The cost |
|the Tottenham |of the move is constituted as follows: |
|regen team | |
|recently moved|  |
|into offices | |
|in 639 High |+----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+|
|Road building.||Building and fit out works (undertaken by GLA)   |£100,000.00 ||
|What was the ||-------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------||
|cost of this ||IT costs for server, cabling, wifi |    15,301.12 ||
|move? Please ||etc                          | ||
|provide a ||-------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------||
|breakdown of ||Transportation |         620.00 ||
|the cost ||costs                                                  | ||
|involved; ||-------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------||
|including any ||Purchase of new office equipment, lock |         453.77 ||
|transporting ||installation             |                          ||
|of items, the ||-------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------||
|purchase of || Total move cost|£116,374.89 ||
|new equipment,|+----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+|
|and any | |
|building work | |
|undertaken to | |
|the office | |
|space. | |
|Does the |The council is entering into a lease for the office space. The cost of the lease is |
|council have a|expected to be £22,908.60 per annum excluding VAT. |
|lease on the | |
|new office |The lease term will be from May 2015 – March 2016. It is anticipated the lease cost |
|space? If so, |will reduce from 2016/17, and that the lease term will be extended. |
|then what is | |
|the cost of | |
|the lease and | |
|how long is | |
|the lease? | |


If you have any further queries, or are unhappy with how we have dealt
with your request and wish to make a complaint, please contact the
Feedback and Information Team as below. (Please note you should do this
within two months of receiving this response.)   


Feedback and Information Team

River Park House

225 High Road

N22 8HQ

Telephone: 020 8489 1988

Email: [5][email address]



Yours sincerely,


Liz Poole

Programme Manager


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Dear Poole Liz,

Thanks for the information.

The answers are jumbled up with the questions making it difficult to follow. Please re-supply in a readable format.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Ball

Poole Liz, Haringey Borough Council

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I have now attached as a pdf file.


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Robert Lindsay-Smith left an annotation ()

I went round 639 High Road yesterday 19th Sept, on an Open House visit. We were not shown the Regeneration Team offices, though did go round nearly all other parts of the building. So I can't report on how Council taxpayers' money has been spent. I don't know why it was not on show.