The Welsh Presbyterian Church in Princes Ave Liverpool./ Bill Maynard/ 3

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Dear Liverpool City Council,

The Welsh Presbyterian Church in Princes Ave Liverpool.

Can the Liverpool City Council please explain why it has taken so long for this project to start and as to why a vast amount of over prices grants are needed £6m plus others fees?
Will Liverpool Council please act and ask MBPT to hand this back to the council as no work or funding is coming from Bill Maynard or MBPT?
Please I have asked many times has Mr Bill Maynard worked with the LCC or worked for the LCC in the past 15 years?
Also will LLC please tell the public has Erica Rushton worked in the past 15 years for the LCC or has she worked along side the LCC?

Has Erica Rushton worked with the Mayor of Liverpool in the past 8 years?

If so please state on what projects in Liverpool has she been on with the Mayor?

7.Will Liverpool council please state on record what links it has to been given grant funding from the " European Regional Development Fund" and do you have a contact names and full address fro (ERDF) Please?

Notes below
Mr Bill Maynard seems to then move on to other building and not finishing his last one the Welsh is a disgrace and he has now been named in the Wellington Room project anther £8m project.

Now it seem he is taking on yet another one, four storey red brick warehouse at 61-65 Norfolk Street Norfolk St

£6m development that could also drive regeneration in Toxteth.

The trust is now working with Baltic Creative, Mark Lawler, Erica Rushton

Baltic Creative has been such a success over its five-year operation it is actively seeking other locations, and the church could be an ideal contender.

MBPT has applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund for up to £4m to fund the development, while Baltic Creative is working on an application for £2m from the European Regional Development Fund

Bill Maynard, former Liverpool director of developer Urban Splash and now chair of MBPT and a Baltic Creative director, said the trust has been trying to save the church site for 20 years.

Yours faithfully,

Li Lee HK buyers

Regeneration and Employment, Liverpool City Council

Information request
Our reference: 558701

Dear Liverpool City Council,
I have called the LCC office a number of times now and the person or the manager is Mr Mike Jones who is at meeting each time I called, I would like some reply to this matter as it's within the public interest to see why this building has been sitting there for all these years while the LCC do nothing about it.
As to why a request was put in to get a 6 million grant for this building needs to be looked into while LCC are crying out theres no funds, we have cut backs, no bus services, no police on the streets.
However there's lots of cash to do up building with no offers of real jobs afterwards.

Yours faithfully,

Li Lee HK buyers

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Mr Lee


Please see attached response to your FOI Request as submitted to Liverpool
City Council. Our apologies for the delay, which has been necessitated in
view of the scale and extent of the questions raised in the multiple
requests you made.




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