Dear Thames Valley Police,

Could you let me know how many times you have been called to attend incidents at the Vault Nightclub, Market Street, Newbury and its immediate area since January 2018 please?

I would also like to have an overview for the reasons of the attendance please

Yours faithfully,

Richard Hall

Public Access, Thames Valley Police

Automatic reply from the Thames Valley Police, Public Access Office and the Joint Information Management Unit.

Thank you for your email. We are currently experiencing a high volume of enquiries and requests for information, and we may not be able to respond as quickly as we would like. We will respond as soon as possible, however, you may wish to visit our website, Please see below for further assistance and direction.

1. Freedom of Information Act 2000 request;
Please accept this automatic reply as an acknowledgement to your request. We will respond within the 20 day legal requirement.
2. Subject Access Request (SAR);
If you wish to request your personal information, please provide copies of two forms of identification, indicating your full name, date of birth, address and signature. If you wish to receive your response via email, please confirm this by return.
3. Requests from ABI Insurers for crime reports;
If you are an insurer and wish to obtain your clients information, regarding crime reports, please post the Appendix D(b) form, with your clients consent and the fee of £120.20; cheques made payable to "Thames Valley Police," to the address below.
4. Requests from solicitors for crime reports;
If you wish to obtain your clients personal information within crime reports, for civil proceedings, please post the request, your clients written signed consent and the fee of £84.40, to the address below. Cheques should be made payable to "Thames Valley Police" and posted to the Public Access Office.
5. Court Orders from solicitors/courts;
If you have obtained a sealed order of the court, for Family Court, please forward to colleagues in our Family Courts Proceedings Team, at the address below or [email address]. For all other orders, please forward to our Administration of Justice (ACJ) Team at Reading Police Station, Castle Street, READING, RG1 7TH.
6. Requests from solicitors/insurers for road traffic collisions;
If you wish to request road traffic collision reports, please forward your requests to Traffic Support (ACJ), followed by the address below or email [email address]. Disclosure fees are engaged.
7. Requests from employers/agencies for references;
Reference requests should be sent directly to our People Services Directorate, followed by the address below, or to [email address], or dial 101.
8. Requests regarding speeding tickets and other enquiries;
All enquiries regarding speeding tickets and other policing matters, please call 101 if you are in the Thames Valley or 01865 841148.

Our address and that of other teams/offices indicated above, is;

Public Access Office (or other named team as above)
Thames Valley Police Headquarters
Oxford Road

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Public Access, Thames Valley Police

1 Attachment

Dear Mr Hall


Please find attached the response from Thames Valley Police to your
request for recorded information.








Darren Humphries  | Public Access Officer

Joint Information Management Unit | Hampshire Constabulary & Thames Valley

Telephone 101 or +44(0)1865 542051 | Address Thames Valley Police
Headquarters, Oxford Road, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, OX5 2NX


Information Management Helpdesk:

Hampshire        [1][email address] / 02380
479580 (internal 4631754)

Thames Valley   [2][email address] /
01865 542051 (internal 300 6329)


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