the Undergraduate admission data since 2016 (2016-2020) catagored by Chinese Domicile applicants for below degrees

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Dear University of Edinburgh,

May I learn the stat. of the Undergraduate admission data since 2016 (2016-2020) catagored by Chinese Domicile applicants for below degrees:

MA Accounting and Business
MA Accounting and Finance
MA Business and Economics
MA Business and Geography
MA Business and Law
MA Business Management
MA Business with Desision Analytics
MA Business with Strategic Economics
BSc Cognitive Science
BSc Computer Science
MA Economics
MA Economics and Accounting
MA Economics and Mathematics
MA Economics and Politics
MA Economics and Statistics
MA Economics and Environmental Studies
MA Econommics with Finance
MA Economics with Management Science
BSc Environmental Geoscience
BSc Geography
MA Geography
MA Geography and Economics
MA Geography and Sociology
MA Philosophy and Economics
MA Psychology and Economics
BSc Psychology

Could it be possible that the data is presented with sorted by applicants, offers, firm acceptance ?

Many Thanks,
Looking forward your response.

Yours faithfully,

Joyce Lio

Records Management, University of Edinburgh

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