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DHAC : Digital Citizen Portfolio and Innovation
Paul Welch
Our Reference: 202200310662
Your Reference: Freedom of Information request - The total cost of providing the Scottish Information
Sharing Toolkit
8 August 2022
Dear Paul Welch,
The Scottish Information Sharing Toolkit was first stood up in the 2015/16 financial year. To support this
process, Information Governance resource was seconded from NHS Fife for 3 days a week over the
course of 2015/16. Resource was costed as an NHS band 8a rate, and chosen due to in depth
expertise around Data Protection and Governance in the health and care sector.
Ongoing costs now attributed to the upkeep of the Information Sharing Toolkit are part of business as
usual costs in Digital Health and Care, overseen by the Information and Assurance team.
I hope this helps with your query.
Yours sincerely
Josh Stokes
DCPI : Information Governance and Assurance
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