The Salary Range Of All Employees Paid £30,000 A Year Or More.

The request was successful.

Kenneth Thain

Kenny Thain
Gardd Yr Afon

Freedom Of Information request
Cardif Council

Good Afternoon,

I wish to know 'How many people are employed by Cardiff County Council on annual starting salaries of £30,000 or more in each category (Up to whatever the top figure is) together with job titles and actual salary range'? also, 'WHAT PERCENTAGE IN ADDED BENEFITS (PENSION SCHEME, EXPENSES, BONUS, HOLIDAYS, SICK PAY, ETC. ) AND COST CAN BE ADDED TO THE PARTICULAR SALARY RANGE GIVEN, AS A TRUE COST TO THE COUNCIL IN RESPECT OF EMPLOYING THAT PERSON'?
I appreciate of course that it would be extremely difficult to give exact figures, even in percentage wise, in respect of extra costs over and above salary, and an honest rough percentage would do.
I am assuming and expect of course, that the Council have costed what cash it will, and is taking to employ an individual over and above any particular salary shown.........

Example...... 1.... Corporate Manager £51,238.00 to £55,337 say 25% (example)
1 Curriculum Worker-Splash Project £32,498......£35,
1 Customer Services Manager £36,657......£39,
13 Deputy Headteacher (Primary) £35,794. ....£43,
27 Deputy Headteacher (Primary) £35,794......£46,

Right to the top of the Salary Range and Job Title(s)

To guide you I made a similar request in 2008 to Powys County Council, and they answered as above. The figures above are just a little of it, and of course the full result can be found at the Powys County Council Website under F-2008-00287.
I am however requesting extra information from you, as per capital lettered above.

F-2008-00287 How many people are employed by Powys County Council on annual starting salaries of £30,000 or more, (Up to whatever the top figure is) together with job titles and actual salary range?

Original Request put in........October 7, 2008

Please note that anything in capital letters up above is only meant to highlight something, and not to 'Shout' so to speak.

Best Regards

Yours Sincerely

Kenneth Thain.

FOI, Cardiff Council

Dear Mr Thain,

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request

Details have been forwarded to the Freedom of Information Officer within the relevant department who will be dealing with your request and will contact you in due course.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at [Cardiff Council request email]


Rory Williams
on behalf of

C2C Records Officer
Connect to Cardiff
Cardiff County Council
County Hall
Atlantic Wharf
CF10 4UW

email [Cardiff Council request email]

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Bonni, Laithe, Cardiff Council

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Dear Mr Thain

Thank you for your recent request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 about Salaries over £30,000 (plus percentage on costs) received on 2 June 2010.

We have considered your request and have included the response which is attached to this e-mail.

You are free to use any documents supplied for your own use, including for non-commercial research purposes. The documents may also be used for news reporting. However, any other type of re-use, for example by publishing the documents or issuing copies to the public will require specific permission.

Details of the arrangements for reusing the material owned by Cardiff Council can be found on our website at or by contacting the Information Manager, Room 111, County Hall, Cardiff CF10 4UW(Phone 029 2087 3346).

We supply this information based on your original request. If this information does not answer your enquiry or if you feel we have not fully understood your request, please contact me to clarify your exact requirements.

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Regards, Laithe

Laithe Bonni
Specialist Support Manager / Rheolwr Cymorth Arbenigol
People & Organisational Development / Pobl a Datblygu Trefniadaeth
Room 335c/ Ystafell 335c
County Hall / Neuadd y Sir
Tel/Ffôn: 029 208 72655
Fax/Ffacs: 029 208 72753
Email/Ebost: [email address] / [email address]

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Kenneth Thain left an annotation ()

Well then, looking at the result just goes to show exactly why our Council Taxes are so big.

THIS is an example of exactly why the Government need to tackle the Public Sectors Pay and Pensions.

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