The policing of fracking and fossil fuel extraction/exploration activities in your constabulary

Liam Ward made this Freedom of Information request to Sussex Police

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Waiting for an internal review by Sussex Police of their handling of this request.

Dear Sussex Police,

I am writing on behalf of the Office of Keith Taylor MEP; I would like to make the following requests relating to the policing of any fracking, oil and/or gas drilling/exploration protests and opposition in your constabulary in the last five years.

The questions should follow logically and should not prove too burdensome to answer. I have tried to be as clear as possible, but please let me know at the earliest possible opportunity if you require any clarifications.

I am requesting all of the information in digital form, an excel file for data is preferred to graphs and tables embedded within pdf files.

Can you please provide the answers to the following questions, in every case I am asking for details within the last five years and by 'drilling' I mean shale gas exploration, conventional and unconventional oil and gas drilling:


1. Have there been any licences granted for drilling in your constabulary?
2. Have there been any licences granted for drilling in your constabulary that has required your force to deploy officers to manage/police any opposition/protests in relation to those drilling licences?
3. If yes, in relation to which licences and sites has officers from your force been employed?
4. How many officers have been on-site to police protests since the first deployment until the present day - a cumulative total is requested?
5. Have all of the officers on-site been from the Sussex Police?
6. If not, from which constabularies and in what numbers were officers drafted?
7. Which force was responsible for covering the cost of bringing in officers from outside Sussex Police?
8. What has the total cost been, so far, to the Sussex Police, for bringing in officers from outside the Sussex Police?


9. How many staff hours in total, from the first deployment until the time of this request, has been diverted to policing the aforementioned protests?
10. How many Sussex Police officers have been taken from other, regular duties to police the protests?
11. How many Sussex Police officers are working overtime to cover the protests?
12. What is the highest payment/remuneration paid to an officer for one shift covering the protest, including any bonus or overtime payments? How long was said shift?
13. What is the average amount of extra/bonus/overtime remuneration paid to all of the officers who have been responsible for policing these sites?
14. What has been the total cost to the Sussex Police for the policing of drilling sites, from first deployment until the time of this request?
15. How much have the firm/s operating the licence/s paid the Sussex Police to cover the cost of the policing efforts?


16. How many arrests have been made during the policing operation at the site/s? (Can arrestee details be categorized by age, gender, and town/city of residence, please?)
17. What were the grounds of each arrest?
18. How many of those arrested were later charged? (Can the details of those charged be categorized by age, gender, and town/city of residence, please?)
19. Of those charged, how many cases progressed to court? (Can the details of the people in those cases be categorized by age, gender, and town/city of residence, please?)
20. How many charges were dropped before any court appearance? (Can the details of those charged, whose charges were later dropped, be categorized by age, gender, and town/city of residence, please?)
21. Of the cases that progressed to court, how many defendants were found guilty of the charge against them? (Can the plea of the defendant, their age, gender, and town/city of residence also be provided, please?)

Use of force

22. How many reports of violence or aggression against your officers have you received - in relation to the policing of the site/s?
23. Have any of your officers reported any injuries sustained during the policing of the site/s?
24. If so, what were their injuries and how were they sustained?
25. How many official complaints have the Sussex Police received by protesters and local residents about the policing of their activities at the site/s?
26. What were the complaints relating to?
27. How many 'use of force' reports have been submitted by officers at the site/s? (I would like the day as the number of reports per day, from the first deployment until the present day)
28. Can you provide any further details of the nature of the force detailed in the reports? If so, what force was used against protesters?
29. What equipment are officers permitted to use in the course of their policing at the site/s (i.e. batons, cuffs, spray, etc.)?
30. How often has Sussex Police had cause to use any of that equipment, and what specifically, since first deployment at the site/s and the date of this request?
31. Are officers been given any specific training before being deployed on the site/s for the first time?
32. If so, what is the training?
33. If no, why not?

Training and guidelines

34. Does the Sussex Police have any specific guidelines relating to the policing of protests at the site/s - particularly relating to 'slow walking' protests?
35. If so, what are those guidelines and how were they communicated to protesters?
36. Is there a record of the number of times protesters broke those guidelines and what action was taken?
37. If yes, please provide those details.

Yours faithfully,

Liam Ward

Dear Sussex Police,

This request is overdue and I have yet to even received an acknowledgment. Please advise when you expect to respond fully.

Yours faithfully,

Liam Ward

Sussex Police

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Dear Sussex Police,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Sussex Police's handling of my FOI request 'The policing of fracking and fossil fuel extraction/exploration activities in your constabulary'.

A number of these questions have been asked of Surrey Police, who have replied more fully and even on your behalf:

Please do explain why you believe you have no duty to publish any of the responses and please confirm that the future publication you refer to will answer every question in full - if that is not to be the case then this request has been denied on false grounds. Please provide the date and format of the expected publication.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:

Yours faithfully,

Liam Ward