The Police Injury Benefit(Amendment)(England and Wales)Regulations 2018

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Dear Home Office,
Case Ref 48856

Further to my original Freedom of Information Request and the example I used of an injured retired officer suffering a second post retirement injury/illness which qualified for E.S.A., I would like to know if that second post retirement entitlement to E.S.A. which was not linked to the injury for which they were retired, would be deductible from their pension under the new 2018 amendments to E.S.A.

Yours faithfully,

John Parry

Public Enquiries (CD), Home Office

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Dear Public Enquiries (CD),
For the attention of Simon Glenville

Dear Mr Glenville
Thank you for replying to my enquiry. I wonder if I may seek further help regarding this matter.
I understand the amendments to the regulations but would be grateful if you would confirm if they apply to the following circumstances:-
An officer is off sick suffering from neck and back injuries and anxiety and stress and whilst off sick receives Incapacity Benefit in 2001. The officer is subsequently retired with all these conditions which are classed as Injuries on Duty and continued to receive Incapacity Benefit which was deducted from the pension. Many years later when ESA was introduced and Incapacity Benefit ceased the retired officer was also awarded ESA for other conditions not related to the Injuries on Duty. The retired officer was placed in the support group for one of the new conditions. Do the amended regulations apply in these circumstances.

Yours sincerely,

John Parry

Public Enquiries (CD), Home Office

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