The number of new homes built (2012 - 2018) in Bristol

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Dear Bristol City Council,

Would you please let me know the number of new homes built from 2012 to 2018, broken down by year?

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Booth

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Dear Bristol City Council,

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Yours faithfully,

Joanna Booth

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Dear Joanna Booth
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You sent us a Freedom of Information request on 05/03/2019

Your request number is CRN00216560

Our reply to your request is:  

The council house new build programme commenced in 2014, and is the
first time the council has directly constructed new build council
housing. It is a rolling programme which is being expanded as the
programme develops, currently we have completed just over 100 new
council homes, we have 3 developments under construction ( will
provide 100 council homes to be completed in 2019 – 2021), and a
further 11 projects currently in the planning process (to deliver
around 400 further council homes) over the coming years.


Completions to date


April 2012/ March 2013 – Nil

April 2013/ March 14 – Nil

April 2014/March 15 – Nil

April 2015/March 16 – 8

April 2016/March 17 –17

April 2017/March 18 – 60

April 2018/March 19 - 19


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