The Number of Individual Referrals to Childrens Social Care Services

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Dear East Dunbartonshire Council,

In accordance with The Freedom Of Information Act [2000] I am requesting the following Information:

For clarity, in all requests, if the response to a specific question is ‘one case’ or ‘two cases, please respond with ‘fewer than three cases’. If the response to a specific question is ‘zero cases’, please say so.

• How many individual referrals to Children’s Social Care Services were made in your Local Authority, involving suspected Fabricated and Induced Illness (FII) and/or Muchausens By Proxy Syndrome (MBPS) in 2014?

• In those referrals involving suspected FII or MBPS in 2014, how are they defined to be genuine cases of FII or MBPS?

• Please provide a breakdown of the overall number of these referrals involving suspected FII or MBPS in 2014, by the type of organisation that made the initial referral. For the NHS and Local Authority categories, please break down by clinic/department.

Type of Organisation ------- Clinic or Department
Local Authority
Schools (please do not identify individual schools).
Other (Please describe type of organisation in this case)

Number of referrals made on the grounds of FII or MBPS for each of those departments in 2014.

Please provide these statistics in a table format.

• In how many of these referrals involving suspected FII or MBPS in 2014 were, children removed from families and placed for adoption? How many were returned to families? Please specify a figure for each question.

• In each of these referrals were suspected FII or MBPS was not substantiated. How many of these cases were, closed completely with records amended to reflect no FII or MBPS? How many were subject to on-going monitoring? Please specify a figure for each question please.

I look forward to receiving a response to this request within 20 working days from receipt as per section 10 of The Freedom Of Information Act [2000].

Yours faithfully,

Mrs C Emery

East Dunbartonshire Council

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Dear C Emery

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(See attached file: FOI 09688 - Referrals re FII and MBPS.docx)(See
attached file: FOI 09689 - Referrals re FII and MBPS.docx)(See attached
file: FOI 09690 - Referrals re FII and MBPS.docx)(See attached file: FOI
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